Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


23. Zayn Malik imagine

You were babysitting Zayn's little sisters, and his older sister was out of town, so she couldnt do it. He had been yoru next door nerighbor when you were younger, causing you two to be best friends where you were like 10 and he was 11. But after he joined One Direction, you guys hadent talked since. His family still kept contact though. You had finally put the girls to sleep, and you walked downstairs to the kitchen, to get something to drink. You fixed yoruself a glass of water, and you heard the door open. The Malik's werent supposed to be home untill tomorrow, so you were a little confuesed. You walked into the living room, and saw a 19 year old boy, standing there with his suitcase. "Zayn?" You asked. "Yea?" HE turned around, and looked you up and down. "Janelle?" HE practically whispered. "Hey!" He said. "How have you been!? I havent seen you in forever!" He walked over and hugged you. "Ive been good! You look so grown up! My god!" You laughed. "What about you?!?" You asked pulling away. "Ive been good. Great actually. Look at you! You look amazing!" He chuckled. "Well, I just put the girls to sleep, and your parents arent supposed to be back untill tomorrow." You said walking back into the kitchen. "Ok, well, I can just hangout with you then. We need to catch up!" He picked you up over his shoulder, and slung you onto the couch. You were laughing hysterically, and then Zayn ploped down right next to you. "Your still the same, silly, bubbly, beautiful girl that I remember." You giggled. "awe! You thought I was beautiful!" You said in a high pitched girls voice fanning yourself with your hands. "Zayn Malik thinks im beautiful!" You said fake fangirling.

He was luaghing uncontrablly. "Alright alright.." He said calming down a bit. "I cant. The Zayn Malik thinks im beautiful!" You said. HE grabbed Your hands, and pushed you backwards onto the couch, to get you to calm down. You were both laughing hysterically, and then you stopped. "Ehem.." You fake coughed leaning up. He let go of you, and adjusted his jacket. "So, you wanna watch a movie?" You asked, and got up to put one in. "Sure!" You put in Crazy, Stupid, Love. A funny part came on, and you laughed so hard, that you snorted. You burried your face in your hands. "Oh my god..." You mumbled. "Awe! That was cute!" He said pausing the movie. "Shush your face." You said turning red out of embarresement. "Oh come on J.J! It was cute!" He said chhuckling. You looked up and glared at him. You turned your head away from him. "I want to kiss you so bad right now..." He said. You whiped your head around. "What?!?" You said. He curled a finger under your chin so he could look in your eyes. "Just.... Just let me kiss you..." He said. You didnt say anything, so you just let him. He leaned in slowly, and then pushed your lips together. It lasted a while, your lips moving in sync. He pulled away, smiling at you. "I have wanted to do that ever since I found out i liked you, which was when I left for the X-Factor. I realized how much I had liked you, when I had to be away from you for so long. I thought about you all the time.." He whispered. "I liked you for the longest time too." You whispered, inching your face to his. "Kiss me?" You whispered. "Sure thing sweet cheeks." He whispred. You rolled your eyes and shook your head as he kissed you again. THE END.

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