Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


18. Zayn Malik imagine

Laying in bed, just reading and listening to your iPod, that is how you spent most of your friday afternoons since it was summer. Your parents were at work, and your older brother was home too. He was only a year older though. You were 18, and he was 19. You were listening to Miguel's Adorn at the moment. You had on a pair of ripped off jean shorts, a white shirt with the words California Love on the front with a brown grizzly bear on it. You were wearing a pair of fuzzy socks, and you had on your perscribed hipster glasses.

You locked yourself in your room because your brother's best friend, Zayn Malik, was coming over. He hated it when you were around them, because he liked his guy time apparently. Zayn never payed attention to you though, and you honestly didnt care. You were chewing on some gum, when your stomach growled. You looked down at it, and then hopped up. You threw your hair up in a messy bun, and folded the page of your book at the corneer to hold your spot. You had a few of your jet black hair strands in your face, but you were to lazy to care. You threw your gum in the trash, and headed down stairs to get something to eat, your iPod still in. You didnt even notice Zayn standing in front of you.. that was untill you ran into him a second later. "Oh, Im sorry." You said softly looking up to meet his gaze. You had to admit that he was pretty attractive. His black hair always styled perfectly, and his skin always tanned perfectly, and his hazel eyes always so bright. He had the most amazing smiled too. "You ok Lily?" He asked chuckling. "Yea.. what are you laughing at?" You giggled yourself. He pointed to your shirt and then to his. he was wearing the same thing,but yours was a crop top, and his was a normal tee. "Hey TWINSES!" You shouted laughing, causing him to laugh even more. "Sure Are." He winked at you. "Oh, Jake is upstairs in the shower. He'll be down in a few." You pointed upstairs. "Ok, well I guess I can hang out with you for a while." He shrugged, sitting at the table, watching you walk to the frdge, to get something to eat. "You want one?" You asked pulling cookies out of the freezer and putting them on a pan so you could cook them in the oven. "Sure, why not.. Your brother takes forever..." He sighed. You giggled. "YEa... thats why we have no hot water." The oven beeped, and you threw the cookies into the oven, having to wait another 12 minutes. You went at sat across the table from Zayn.

"So how come you never come down when im over?" He asked locking his phone and setting it on the table. "Well, thats because Jake doesnt like me around his friends. Not completely sure why, but whateves broooo." You said laughing. "Well, I do. Look at you. Your fit..." He mumbled the last part, but you heard it. "Uhm thanks?" You giggled, your face turning a insanely bright shade of red. "Oh, you heard that? Ha.. haha..." He laughed nervously. You giggled, shaking your head. You shifted in your seat, and then looked at Zayn. He was already looking at you. You smiled at him, causing him to smile back. "Ok. I have to get this off my chest..." He said staring you in the eyes. "I have had the biggest crush on you since I've known your brother. You are seriously beautiful, and everytime I was over, honestly, I was looking forward to seeing you." He scooted closer to you. "I acted like i never noticed you before, but I just wanted you to notice me. All these little things about you I love. Your smile, your eyes, the freckles on your face, the fact that you have hipster glasses for your prescription glasses, too. You are extremely smart to from what I have heard. Your funny. Your you, and i like that." He said looking in your eyes. Your eyes were widening when he kept talking .He liked me? You thought to yourself. He took a finger and traced the outline of your jaw, and gently brushed a finger over your lips. He whispered. "I want to kiss you so bad right now...." He was staring intently at your lips and eyes, flickering between them. "Whats stopping you..." You whispered back. "The smell of burning cookies." He whispered. "SHIT!"You screamed. HE laughed. You jumped up and grabbed the cookies out of the oven.

He watched you, and laughed as you fanned the smoke around. You accidently hit the pan with your hand, and it was burning hot. "OW!" You screamed. "Oh, are you ok?!?!" Zayn asked fast walking over to you. He looked at your hand, and ran it under cold water. The smoke began fading away, and you watched as Zayn was studying your hand. "Hey Zayn?" You whispered. "Yea?" He asked. He looked at you. You put your other hand up to his cheek, and brushed it against his face. You smiled at him, as he smiled back, letting go of your hand. He slowly leaned in, and kissed you softly. When he pulled away, the smoke was cleared, and you heard sniffling in the background. "THAT WAS JUST SO CUTE!!" Your brother said flailing his arms around and screaming in a girly high pitched voice. You blushed as Zayn laughed. Zayn looked at you again, and said to your brother, "Hey, dont make fun of my girl friend!" Holding a hand to his heart, pretending to be hurt. "Girlfriend?" You asked. "Yep." Zayn smiled at you and kissed your hand, and then walked over to the table, sat in a chair, and placed you in his lap. He nuzzled his face in your hair. THE END...

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