Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


13. Zayn Malik imagine

Art class. Your favorite time of day, such an easy class, and you absolutely love sculpture. It was kind of a mixed class consisting of drawing, sculpture, pottery, ect. Anyway, you were in the sculpture part. You had decided to make a sculpture out of books. You and your sculpture friends sat on one side of the room. Pretty much everybody had sections in the room, that had four huge tables, lined with chairs. You were folding pages in the book that was going on your bottom tear when a boy walked in the class room. His hair was in a black quiff. He had on a black v-neck shirt with blue skinny jeans, and thick black rimmed glasses on. You could see that he had multiple tattoos, making him even more attractive than he already was. He walked over to the teacher, and handed him a scedual, and proceeded to walked over to you. "Is this seat taken?" He asked shyly. "Uhm, no go ahead." You motioned. He smiled at you, and took out a sketch book. Your friend Abby across the table, being naturally flirtatious said, "So, whats your name?" He looked up, and said. "Zayn." He smiled at her, and then winked, showing his cheeky side. "Well Zayn. Im Abby, and this is Leon, Stephen, Louis, and Peyton." She pointed last at you. He looked you right in the eyes, smiling. You smiled and looked back down at your book trying to hide the fact that your face was turning a deep shade of red.

"So Zayn... What is your specialty in Art? This class is for art prodigeys anyway. So what do you do?" She asked motioning to the book. "Well, I draw I guess. I dont even think I'm that good, but apparently I am." He smiled, pushing the book over to you first. There were many detailed drawings in it. From skulls, to people. One of what looked to be a full body. You widened your eyes. "These are amazing, Zayn. I cant believe that you think your not good" You said. Pushing the book to Abby next. "Well, nobody has really told me I was... So..." He said. "So are you new here or?" I asked beggining to talk some more. "Yea, I just moved here from Bradford." He smiled at me again, and then finally got his book back. "So what do you guys do?" He asked looking at the folded books in my hand and the books that I was carving into. "Well, I am a sculpture. I am in the process of making a book sculpture. Actually everybody at this table is a sculpture person." You giggled. He chuckled, taking your portfolio, and looking through the pictures of your sculptures. "Wow, these are great!" He said smiling while still looking. "Thanks." And with that the class bell rang, off to the next class. Luckily, that was the last period of the day, so when the bell rang,  you grabbed your stuff, and put all your untensiles int he supply closet. You slung your backpack over your shoulder and then walked out the door, heading to the bus. You got on, normally being the first one on. You sat in the front seat, just to keep away from the annoying people. You felt the bus move when you saw Zayn get on. "Hey Zayn!" You patted the seat next to you. "HEy Peyton." He smiled sitting down. "I didnt know that you rode this bus." You said looking at him. "Yea, thats because I get on before you." He chuckled. "Ahh. So where do you live?" "Uhm, actually the stop before yours, even though I am only a couple houses down." HE said. "Cool." You smiled. You noticed he had a new drawing in his hand. "Ohhh. If you dont mind. Can I see your drawing?" You asked motioning to it. He got nervous, but handed it to you.

It was a drawing of you smiling. "Wow.." You said in amazement. "Its nothing." He said. "No, Zayn, this is beautiful. How did you remember what i looked like?" You asked, looking at him. His face was red. He was blushing. You smiled. "Well, you are just so beautiful, and it is hard to forget someone like that." HE chuckled nervously. "Zayn, this is absolutely amazing. It actually looks like me." You giggled, blushing yourself. He looked at you. "I know im new here, but I was wondering if maybe you would like to go out sometime?" You giggled at his nervousnes. "Sure Zayn. Id like that." It was his stop now, and he got up. "Bye Zayn." You kissed his cheek. "Bye, PEyton." He smiled. You smiled again at the picture he drew of you, looking at the details. You put it on your desk in a frame, later that night, so it wouldnt get messed up. Zayn and you went on many MANY dates after that. THE END!  

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