Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


17. Niall Horan imagine

You were the quiet girl, and Niall, well, lets just say that he was a man whore. Well from what you have heard, and seen, and stuff, but honestly, he just acted like that because he loved you, and both of you were too dumb to realize it. You hated Niall though. Even though he would flirt with you all the time, and the fact that he would always pick on you, made you hate him even more. You had 5 out of 7 classes with Niall, and even lunch too. 1,2,3,6,7 were the periods would had with him, and right now was just when the bell rang to go home. 'Thank god its friday, AND I dont have to deal with HIM for a while...' You thought to yourself. You went to your locker, and opened it slowly. Since you walked home, you didnt have to worry about cathing a bus or anything. You grabbed all your text books, and then stuffed them into your back pack. You slammed your locker shut, only to see Niall's face. "Hey Prisilla!" HE said cheerfully. "Ugh. What do you want Niall?" You grumbled. "Nothing. Just wanted to say hi is all." HE said chuckling. "What do you want. You either only talk to me when you want something, or when you want to pick on me, or flirt with me. So which is it?" You stopped him in the hallway. It was dead silent, just you and him in the hall way alone. You faced him, practically glaring out of annoyance and anger. "Im sorry. I just wanted to talk to you. I know I can be annoying sometimes, and that I pick on you alot. I just wanted to ask if maybe you wanted to go to homecoming with me?..." It was dead silent again. Your eyes widened. You never once had thought of Niall like that. "I mean, it might not seem like it, and I know I seem like a man whore, but I really do like you, and I know that you dont like me, but I just thought that maybe you know... that we could uhm... maybe... go together?" He nervously said. "Sure...." You mumbled. "Really?!? That-" "On one condition..." You pointed out. "Oh great. What is it?" HE asked pleading. "Well... I want you to not be one of those boys who will stand me up, and hurt me. I have been hurt way to many times, and I am not like everyone else Niall. Im different." You said, looking him dead in his eyes. "Ok. I promise." He said. You smiled at him for the first time. "You should smile more often, it looks pretty. Anyway, i'll oick you up at 6:30 tomorrow night. See yea Prisilla!" He called after you.

You had went out that night to find the perfect homecoming dress, the whole time you were smiling. You finally found one. It was a peachy-yellow colored dress that ended just above your knee. It flowed off of your body, and your skin color made you look tan. When you got home, you immediately feel asleep. You woke up at 12 on saturday, and started getting ready. You curled your hair, pulling it up into a hair bun, leaving a few curly peices of hair down in your face. You did your make up to were it matched your dress. Once you finished, you put your dress on. Now it was abotu 6 and you decided to put your shoes on. You pulled on silver heels, about 3 or 4 inches tall, and then looked at yourself in the mirror. You smiled, and blushed as you realized that you were going out with a popular guy. "Prisilla! Niall's here!" You mother called. You took a deep breath, brushing your hair down, and then walking out your door. You heard Niall and your dad talking and your mother was at the foot of the steps, smiling like an idiot. The talking stopped when Niall saw you. He was wearing a nice black suit with a black tie, and him beign him self wearing it with black converses. Niall's eyes widened as he saw you. "Wow, you look amazing, Prisilla." He said softly when you reached the bottom of the stairs. "Thanks. You too." You smiled at him, blushing. You linked arms with him, and walked out the door. He had hhis car with him, so he opened the door for you, helping you in and everything.

You reached the school. The car ride was silent, and so was he when you walked into the gym. The first thing he saw was his friends, and he slowly snaked an arm around your waist pulling you close as he shook hands with his friends. "So who is this Ni?" One boy asked. "Oh, this is my date, soon to be girlfriend," HE winked at you. your eyes widening again. "Prisilla." You smiled and waved, as Niall stopped talking to his friends and took you on the dance floor. "So, why did you ask me to come, Niall?" You asked looking him in the eyes. He was looking back at your eyes, and then said, "Because I think you are beautiful, smart, talented, funny. And I have liked you for the longest time." He said. You laied your cheek on his shoulder as he went on. "I really do like you, Prisilla, and I now that you probably hate me or something. I wanted to apologize for all those times, and that i only did those things to get you to notice me." He said laughing a little. You looked up at him, and then smiled. He turned a light shade of red. "Thanks Niall." You kissed his cheek. Later, he dropped you off at your house, and before you got out of the car, Niall said, "Listen, I had fun tonight. Maybe we can try it again someother time?" You smiled. "Sure." You leaned over, and he kissed you softly. "Goodnight, babe." "Night Niall." THE END.

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