Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


12. Niall Horan imagine

You and Niall had been dating for a few months now, but he was hiding your relationship. You did love him, but you wanted to be able to actually go out and eat, or go to the movies once in a while. One day Niall comes home furious. "Sarah!" He screamed. You could tell he was angry. You quietly stepped out of the room you two share, and then his face softends. "Hey, babe." He said cutely, walking over and kissing your forehead. "Niall, babe, are you ok?" You asked worried. "Yea, im fine." He smiled, and then walked into the kitchen. "Say, you wanna get something to eat?" he asked. "Sure, we can or-" "No, I mean go OUT to eat. Like at a reasteraunt or something." He said turnign from the fridge to you. "Ni, wont you get in trouble?" You asked. He chuckled, walked over to you, and kissed you. "I dont care babe. Im tired of hiding. I just want to have anormal relationship." He said siging. You smiled. "Sure. Lets go." He smiled widely, grabbing your hand as you two walked out the door. He was taking you to a little resteraunt down the street. Immediately, fans started swarmming. "NIALL I LOVE, NIALL HAVE MY BABIES, NIALL YOUR BEAUTIFUL, I LOVE YOU, SIGN THIS, SIGN THAT, MARRY ME!" Was being screamed, but all got quiet when they noticed you standing there. "Who is she?" One of them asked. "Yes she is." He smiled wrapping an arm around your waist pulling you closer. "Whats her name? Where is she from? How old is she? Whered you guys meet?"

"Well," He started off, "Her name is Sarah, she is from Ireland, same as me, she is 18, and we met at a derby game, ironically. She was standing there, screaming at the game, when she fell onto me, when jumpping up and down. We looked in each others eyes for a while, and then I got her number, asked her out, and that is that." HE smiled widely, and then kissed your temple. You were blushing, as the girls all looked at you. "Sorry, girls, but me and my babe have a date to get to." He said, after signing things and taking pictures. HE smiled, waved, and grabbed your hand. "You are so sweet." You said, grabbing his arms, and hugging him tightly."I love you." He said in your hair. "I love you too, ni."  You smiled. You looked up at him, and kissed him. You guys walked into the resteraunt, and sat down at a table. "Why did you not tell them the truth about how we met?" You asked. "Because, I want them to think something cute." "Well, explain to me, how we really met." You raised an eyebrow, and smirked. "Well..."


Niall's POV

I decided to go to a derby game. I mean it is the last one of the season. Anyway, I was wearing my lucky jersey, and Josh was with me. I knew that people would recognize me, but I decided to go anyway. I found my seat, behind a girl and what looked to be her best friend. Im not sure. Later when the game started, the girl in front of me was really into it. She was screaming, cheering, my kinda girl. Also cuses ALOT. I started screaming too, and then I jumped. Oh shit. I landed on my foot. i started falling forward. I fell on the girl. I moaned. The girl underneath me groaned, the girl next to her gasping, as Josh pulled me off of the girl. "I am SO SO SORRY. I lost my balance, and I fell on you. Oh my god." I felt my face flush a deep red. "Its ok. The game is intesnse." She chuckled. She looked up at me. She had stomach length brunette hair, with bright blue eyes. She did have makeup on, and she was weraring the same jersey as me, with cut of jean shorts and white converses. I brushed myself off, and then laughed nervously. She turned back to the game, and then after wards, I ran into her again. We toppled to the ground. "We have to stop meeting like this." She winked at me. I chuckled and got off of her. "Niall." I smiled shaking her hand. "Sarah." She giggled shaking mine.


"Ahhhh.... You wanted to make it to were i fell on you so you wouldnt get embarresed." I laughed. "Well, maybe" He turned a bright red color. You laughed, scotting closer to him. "I love you." You said in his neck. "I love you too, babe." HE kissed your head.

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