Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


6. Niall Horan imagine

Moving to Ireland was on your bucket list. You found a little town in the west called Mullingar and it was probably the cutest thing ever. You just moved into a house, and you were so happy. It was a medium sized house with two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The walls were a light cream color, and all your furniture matched along well. You decided to go ahead and drive to town, maybe look around the city some. You fixed your brown wavy hair, and touched up your make up some, brining out your bright green eyes. You brushed down your dark skinny jeans, and your pastel pink halter top. You pulled on your black high tops, and grabbed your wallet, and cell phone. You wakled outside, and saw two guys playing with a soccer ball across the street. They kicked it a little to hard, and it landed in front of your feet. One of the boys walked over. He looked about 19, and had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. You could tell that it wasnt naturally blonde though, it had brown roots and it was pulled into like a quiff type thing. He had on blue jeans and a white shirt with a hait mustache and bowtie on it. He looked so familar, but you couldnt place your finger on it.

"Here." You smiled at him. "Thanks babe." His irish accent rang in your ears. "Whats your name, love?" He asked shaking your hand, and then motioning for the other guy to come over. "Gizzelle." You smiled at both of them. "Im Niall, and this is my best mate Liam." You shook Liams hand, and smiled again. Liam had a type of buz cut and was wearing blue jeans. He was wearing a loose fitted black V neck. "So you just moved here?" Niall asked. "Uhm, yea. I just moved from Florida." "Oh, so your American?" They both said at the same time. You laughed as they chuckled. "Yea I am." "Hey, if you want, I can show you around town? Maybe get to know you a little better? Liam has to go anyway." "No I dont-" Niall nudged him with his elbow. "Uh... yea... I have to uhm... I have stuff to do." HE said grabbing his side. "Bye Liam." You giggled. "Bye Gizzelle." HE said waving, and then getting in a car and driving off. "Well, you dont really need to drive. The town is only a block away." He said motioning to the street. "Ok." You smiled. He started walking as you walked by his side.

"So, im really surprised that you arent yelling or screaming right now." He said as you began walking. "Why would I?" You asked confuesed. "Well, not to brag but I am Niall Horan from One Direction." And that was were he looked so familar from. "Im a big fan. But is that supposed to impress me?" You asked with a smirk. "I was hhoping to, but I see that it isnt." He said chuckling and smirking too. "well, I dont care about someones apperance. Just about their actions I guess." You said smiling and blushing slightly. "Well, good, me too. But may I say, that you are a very pretty girl." He said blushing slightly. You smiled as you guys continued talking. By the time you got to town, it was like you guys have known each other for a long time. He was already like your best friend. "So, you wanna grab some lunch?" you asked. "Im starving." "AH! Someone with an appetite like mine!" He chuckled. You laughed along, as he took you into a small pizza place. You laughed and ate over lunch, and after wards you guys walked around town for a while. A few fans stopped for autographs, and then one asked you, "Are you his girlfriend?" She was about 15. "Oh no! I just moved across the street from him. He was just showing me around." You smiled. She smiled back at you. "Well, he told me that he really likes you." You blushed. "really?" You asked. "Yea. He really seems to like you." She said as she walked off. You turned to look at him. He was smiling and talking to some fans as you just smiled at him. He looked really happy, and then he looked up at you while still talking to some fans. He winked, turned to the fans, and then walked over to you. He blushed as he grabbed your hand, and then you guys continued walking. You looked down at your hands, noticing that they fit perfectly together. You blushed and smiled to yourself.

He walked you home, and he stopped. "Thanks Niall. for showing me around town." You smiled and you noticed that he was still holdling your hand. You blushed and leaned over and kissed his cheek. "Hey Gizzelle? Do you think maybe I can get your number, so we can maybe... uhm.... you know... go out sometime?" He said clearly nervous. "Niall, look at me..." He said looking up. You smiled. "Here." He handed you his phone and you put your number in. You smiled and walked inside. A few seconds later you got a text. It said. "Hey gorgeous. Want to go for dinner tomorrow night? -Niall ;)xx " You smiled. "Sure. Id love to.. ;)" You clutched your phone to your chest, and smiled. THE END!

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