Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


4. Niall Horan Imagine

You were at your little brothers football practice reading a book. You looked up for a split second, and choppy blonde hair from school. "Hey Jackie." An Irish accent said. "Oh hey Niall!" you said. Niall was the foreign exchange student from Ireland. He rode your bus, and was in your third period. "What are you doing here?" You asked motioning for him to sit. "Well, my host Dad is the coach for the team." He pointed to a tall man yelling random commands to the players. "What about you?" He asked. "Well, my little brother is on the team." Youpointed to your little brother. "Oh cool." He smiled. He had a perfect smile. He turned to you, and then you loked in his eyes. He had bright blue eyes. You smiled and looked away blushing.

"So, you wanna take a walk?" He asked. You nodded in relpy, as you guys walked around the sports park. You laughed at his cheesy jokes. He also talked about back home, and how much he misses his family. You smiled and realized that he was really sweet. You heard a whistle blow, and that ment practice was over, and you head back over to the feild. Your little brother who is about 10 looks at you tiredly. "Niall, this is Kyle. Kyle, this is my friend Niall from school. He is the foriegn exchange student." He smiled at him and shook his hand. "Hey, Niall, wanna come over for dinner?" Kyle asked. You nudged him with your elbow. "Sure! Sounds fun!" Niall said. Niall hoped in the car with you and Kyle, and you guys headed back to your house.

"Mom, Dad, this is Niall Horan. He is a friend from school." You smiled, as Niall shook your parents hands. You all sta around the table as you enjoyed your guys dinner. "Well, me and Niall are gonna go hang out in my room for a little, and then I'll drive him home ok?" You said. You parents shook their heads smiling like idiots. "welcome to my humble little room." You motioned around your room. He laughed his adorable laugh, and then flopped on your bed, sighing. HE yawned as you layed next to him. "I like you Jackie. Your nice, and sweet, and caring. Most of all very beauttiful." He said. You sat up, as he layed his head in your lap. You were blushing harshly, and you played with his hair. You guys talked, and talked. You somehow ended up laying next to him, and you bothe drifted off to sleep. It was friday night, so you didnt have to go to school the next day.

You woke up the next morning to feel arms wrapped around your waist. You turned ever so slightly to see Nialls face, still sleeping, and him snoring slightly. You tired to get up ssoftly, but he woke up, and pulled you back to him. He shoved your face in his chest, as he nuzzled his face in your hair. "You smell good Jackie." Niall said. You giggled. "Thanks." You giggled again. "Will you be my girlfriend Jackie?" Niall asked sweetly, still brreathing in the scent of your hair. You yawned and said, "Yes." And then you could feel him smiling. You both drifted back off the sleep, but not before Niall kissed you softly on the forehead. "Goodnight, princess." He yawned. "Goodnight." You whispered against his chest. You both fell asleep in each others arms. THE END!

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