Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


26. Louis Tomlinson Imagine

You were going to hang out with your twin brother Niall. You two looked almost the same. You both had naturally brown hair, but started dying it blonde. You both had bright blue eyes, and you were a tom boy. Today, you were going to the park to meet Niall and his band mates. You had never met them before, and you were honestly happy to meet them. You pulled on your blue skinny jeans, and a light pink sheer top, with your white flats. You had your hair in its natural wavy state, with a white peacoat, and your cream colored beanie on. You started walking, when you noticed a group of boys paying football (soccer) on the fields. You smiled to yourself as you started wakling closer, Niall noticed you. "Natalie!" Niall said, running over to you. He hugged you, and brought you over to meet the boys. "Guys, this is my twin sister, Natalie. Nat, these are the boys, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis." He pointed to each of them, and you shook there hands. "Nice to meet you guys." Yousmiled at them. "You too, babe." Zayn said. Liam, and Zayn introdued you to Perrie, and Danielle, there girlfriends. You watched as The boys continued playing football, while talking to the girls. "So, your Nialls sister?" Perrie asked. "Yea." You giggled, and then burst out laughing as Niall was hit in the face with the ball. "Hey Nat, come play!!" Niall called. "Sorry girls. We'll talk later." You said smiling. The nodded their heads as you took of your beanie, put your hair ina  ponytail. You walked over to the boys, and you ended up on Niall and Liams team.

You guys were in the lead, when Louis hit you with the ball in the shin, causing you to fall over. You were laughing on the ground, when Louis ran over to you. "Oh my god! I am so sorry! are you ok?" He asked helping you up. "Im fine." You were still laughing when he joined in. Soon all the boys did, and the girls too. You brushed off your pants, and went to go sit on the bench. Louis followed you. "Awe, you have a huge red mark on your face..." He said appologetcally. "Lou, im fine." You giggled, reassuring him. He touched it gently with hid fingers, and then looked at you. You smiled at him, as he smiled back. "Wanna take a walk?" He asked. You nodded as you two walked side by side through the park. "Im really sorry about the football incident." He said again. "Louis, trust me, im fine. Im not dead or anything." You laughed. "I just feel really bad for hitting a girl in the face with a ball." He chuckled. "Im sure ill be fine , Lou." You laughed. He smiled at you, and you two talked for a while, as you guys exchanged numbers. You walked back to the group, and there was Niall waiting for you, so you guys could walk back to the apartment. You waved by to everyone, and you and Niall headed back. "Hows your head?" He asked chuckling. "Oh shut up. im fine Ni." You laughed. You got a text. "Hey babe, its Lou. I wanted to know if you wanted to get some lunch tomorrow.? :)" You smiled. "Sure, why not. What time?:)" You answered. Niall was talking but you werent even paying attention. "Uhm... how about noon? Ill pick you up. ;)" He said back. "Ok :) See ya then," You answered. "Alright babe. Sorry again. :/" You shook your head and answered. "IM FINE LOU. GEEZ." "Well, no need for all caps missy. X)" You shook your head, and talked to Lou the whole way home, getting to know each other. You smiled. THE END.

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