Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


16. Louis Tomlinson imagine

You were a die hard directioner. You practically lived, breathed, and slept One Direction. And even though you didnt want to admit it, Louis was your favorite. You were actually in California, going to one of their concerts with your cousin, who you felt really bad for, being the fact that he is a boy... Anyway, you just turned 18, and he was showing you around town. "I dont know Eric, I mean, it doesnt seem like such a good idea." You said. "Oh come on Kenzie. It just one club, and you dont have to drink anything if you dont want too." He pleaded. "fine. But only because you have to undergo the torture of taking me to the One Direction concert." You laughed. "Good." HE said. You guys headed home, were you started getting ready. You pulled on a tight black dress with black stilleto heels. You curled your hair, and put a fairly small amount of makeup on. You grabbed your cell phone, and walked downstairs. It was about 10 when you guys left, but about 11:30 when you go to the club. Eric had walked off, grinding with some girl on the dance floor, while you went to get a drink. You only had a water, and then someone stood next to you. He ordered a drink. HE had brown hair, and from what you could see, blue eyes. "Hi, Im Louis." HE smiled and turned to you. You started hyperventilating, and almost screamed, realzing who it was. "I-im K-Kenize." You stuttered. "Well K-Kenzie, would you like to dance?" HE siad. You giggled. "Sure-e." You kept stuttering. This is not really happeneing. Oh my god. you kept thinking to yourself. When you started dancing, a surprisingly slow song came on. "So Kenzie, tell me about yourself." He said setting his hands on your waist, and you putting yours around his neck. "Well, I actually just turned 18 about a week ago, and.." You bent a little and whispred in his ear, "I am huge fan of you guys..." Your lips brushed his ear, and you pulled away, smiling. He was smirking. "Well, Im glad to hear that, Kenzie. And might i add that you look incredibly beautiful in that dress you are wearing?" He said smirking still, causing you to blush. "Why thank you." You laughed, and looked at the now crowded club, and then realzied how crowded it actually was. "Uhm, Louis, I have to go... this place is really crowded, and I am quite claustriphobic." You giggled.

He looked disappointed, but then you felt like you were about to throw up, so you ran out of the club, and down the street a little ways. You went into a starbucks, and sat down in a chair. You had the waitress bring you a coffee, and you sat there thinking how stupid you were. "Ugh, why am I so stupid!" You whispered to yourself. "Why are you stupid, love?" Somone asked in front of you. "Well, because of the fact that I just ran away from my biggest crush in the middle of a night club.." You nervously laughed. "Oh, and who might this lad be?" The person asked again. "Well, his name is Louis Tomlinson, and I am such a fucking tard for doing that." You sighed, and then decided to look up at the person you were talking too. It was Louis. "Oh my god." You whispered out of embarresment. He just sat down in front of you, and smiled. "I cant belive that I just did that." You laughed. "Did what? I like you too Kenzie." He smiled. "Really?" "Yea. wanna go get somehting to eat?" "Sure." And then you two walked off. THE END

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