Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


7. Louis Tomlinson imagine

You were the shy girl  so you didnt really talk to anybody. Every once in a while, a guy would ask you out, but you always said no. Your best freind always said that you couls get any guy in school that you wanted because you were so pretty with your long curly blonde hair, and your dark brown eyes, but there was only one guy in school that you actually liked, and that was the foriegn exchange student from England, Louis. He was the class clown, and you were the girl who sat in the back of the class always doing work to avoid talking to anybody. You had most of your classes with Louis, and you also had lunch with him, but you ate in the library. One day, Louis walked in, making so much noise with the other clowns. You noticed that he started walking over to you. "Hi." He said, his english accent making you blush. (You blush at the slightest things). You didnt look up from your book but you said, "Hi." Nerovously. "May I sit here?" He askes sweetly. "Uhhhh... sure if you want." You said still not looking up. He sat down right in front of you and started talking to you. "So, how come you always are doing work?" He asked. "Because, I really dont talk to anybody...." You said softly. "Well, I have never actually seen your face, and I would like to." You smiled, and then blushed slightly. You still didnt look up, and then the book you were taking notes from, disappeared.

You looked up finally, and that his eyes were reading the book. "What is this anyway?" HE asked, but he knew what it was. "It is my french book." He peeked his head from over the top of the book, and then noticed that you were looking at him intently. He had really pretty blue eyes, and his brown hair was swept to the side today. "Well, look how is out of the book and in the real world." HE reamarked, still looking at you. You laughed, and snatched the book out of Louis' hands while we was looking at you. You grabbed your bag, and headed out of the library. School was over, so you started walking home. You dropped your french book, and papers went flying everywhere. "NO NO NO MY HOMEWORK!" You shouted. You grumbled, and then started picking up your homework. "Here, Charlotte." A famalier british accent said. "Thanks, Louis." You smiled at him, and then grabbed your papers, shoving them in your book. You smiled at him again, and then started walking. "So, have you ever had a boyfriend Charlotte?" You blushed. "Uhm.. no actaully I havent. Its not that guys havent asked me, its that I like this guy, and im waiting for him to ask me out.." You said nervously biting your lip. "Oh... Well, whoever you like is a lucky guy. You are a pretty girl, and smart too! The total package." He winked at you. You rolled your eyes laughing, and then blushed.

"So, have you ever had your first kiss?" He asked. Now he was pushing bounderies. "uhm... why is that any of your buisness?" You askes defednign your answer. "Hey, I just wanted to know. Im sorry if I ever offended you." HE said sincerley. "No Louis, im sorry. No I havent, hince the fact that I have never had a boyfriend..." You said. "Oh." "So, what about you Louis? Are you in a relationship?" You asked. HE chuckled. "No, I like this girl though, but she just told me she likes a guy.." He said. "Oh..." Your heart started getting faster. You caught on to what he was saying. You think he likes you. "Well, who is the lucky guy?" He pryed again. "Well, I will give you a hint. He has blue eyes, brown hair, and doesnt live here originally." You smiled, hoping he would catch on. He looked like he did, becuase he started smiling widely, and he blushed slightly. "Ahhh, well maybe... that guy likes you too." You smiled widely. "Well, if he asked me out, maybe i would say yes" You looked at him now, and he was already looking at you.  "Well, will you go to dinner with me tomorrow night? since its friday tomorrow, i'd like to take you out." You blushed. "I'd love too, Louis." You giggled. "Great." You smiled as you walked up to your porch. "Hey Charlotee?!?" Louis called after you. "Yea?" you turned around to see Louis right there, and without evenn hesitating, he grabbed the back of your neck, and pushed his lips to yours. You were surprised, and just stood there. He pulled away, and winked at you. "See ya tomorrow babe!" he smiled turned back to you one more time, and then ran down the street. You slightly touched your lips, feeling heat radiate off of your lips. You smiled as you walked in your house/ THE END!

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