Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


36. Liam Payne imagine

You were walking around town with your three best girl friends, when you heard screaming coming from around the corner. You turned and noticed a familar pair of brown eyes that looked happy signing auto graphs and taking pictures. It was your high school boyfriend Liam Payne. He broke up with you 2  years ago when he had begun traveling the world. He hated being away from you that long, and couldnt stand to hear you cry on the phone for hours telling him how sad you were, so he ended your suffering. You were only 17 at the time, when Liam was 18.

You decided to go say hello, and walked over to him. "Hi Liam." You tapped his shoulder, causing him to turn around from the other girls. "Launa?" He said smiling widely. "Oh my god! How are you?!? It's been ages." He said giving you a huge bear hug that it actually lifted you off the ground. "Ive been good And you seem to be doing well, Mr. The Liam Payne." You said smirking and giggling. He laughed at you and said, "Oh, ive gotta run. How about you come with? Come meet the boys??" He asked with pleading eyes. You nodded your head as you said bye to your best friends and hopped into a tour bus that was filled with laughter and screaming and the smell of food.

"Everybody" Liam shouted. "This is Launa. We dated in High school, and I just ran into her on the street." He said happily, motioning to you behind him. "Hi guys." You said feeling a blush creep onto your cheeks. "Launa, this is Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Louis." He smiled pointing to each one of the boys on the couches who all smiled and waved at you. You stood there, and Liam asked if you wanted to talk in private. "Yea sure." You responded. still feeling the boys eyes on you. Niall shouted, "Hey Launa!" You turned around and faced him, "Your fit." He giggled and turned to harry who gave him a 10 dollar bill. You laughed and shook your head. "Not to bad yourself Horan." and heard gasps and howls coming from the other room when Liam shut the door behind you to a tiny bedroom in the back.

"so, this is now the lifestyle of Liam JAmes Payne. The once nerdy boy, is now a famous singer who travels the world, and meets amazing people and gets paid A LOT OF MONEY." you said giggling and you watched Liam lock the door. "Yea well, it has its good moments and its bad. You get pretty lonely ya know?" He said sitting beside you on the king bed. "I sometimes want someone to come home to.Who I look forward to seeing. Stuff like that" he said turning toward you. "Yea..." You said softly looking at your hands and laying back on the bedfacing the celieing. HE plopped down beside you. "I've missed you ya know?" He said still looking up. you blushed slightly and siad "I've missed you too." And he smiled. intwertwinging your fingers together and playing with your fingers. You guys stayed like that for a while, and then you snuggled into his chest, just like old times. "I'm sorry Launa. For breaking up with you." He said softly. "It's ok.. Im happy your here now." You said breathing deeply, and then Liam asked, "Will you come back to me? Come back to being my girlfriend?" he asked softly. "Yo ulooked up into his eyes and kissed him. "Does that answer your question?" You asked. "Yea...." HE said quietly as you snuggled back into his arms and feel asleep. THE END.

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