Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


25. Liam Payne Imagine

Christmas break. The best thing in your opinion. Its the break that all your family is together, and you are allowed to hang out with your Best Friend Liam and his family. You liked Liam, but didnt do anything about it, because he is famous, and has millions of girls fawning over him. Anyway, you were helping set up the christmas tree, trying to reach the tippy top of the tree to put the angel on. You were on your tippy toes on your ladder, when you saw Liam outside, smiling, looking at you. He waved, and you waved back, smiling. Your sister was next to you, she said, "When are you two just gonna hook up already?" She laughed. "Well, never. It doesnt matter if I like him, because he would never like me. He is just a friend Cassi." You laughed. "Listen Adilade, you two are gonna end up together." She smirked, handing you another ornament. "Whatever you say... but i have to go get ready for his christmas party. Will you please come? I dont want to go alone.." You said. "Sure sissy." She giggled. Cassi was about 2 years older than you, and already in college. You were a senior in highschool. Your eighteen. (BTW). You walked upstairs pulling on a cream colored lace dress with a jean jacket, and yoru vrown wedges. You curled your hair, and put on eye liner. You walked over to your sister. She was wearing a brown lace dress, and cream flats, with her hair in a fishtail braid.

You two arrived at Liam's house, and his mother let you in. "Well, dont you two girls look just lovely!" She said hugging you both, giving you a kiss on the cheek. "Well, thanks Mrs. Payne. You look amazing too! Look how young you look!" Cassi said. You agreed, and then saw Liam. You walked over to him, tapping him on the back. "Hey..." You whispered. "Hey!" He turned around and his eyes lit up. He smiled hugging you, and then pulled away. "Wow! you clean up good." He winked. "Well thank you." You curtsied. He laughed, and he led you outside, to were it wasnt so loud. "Do you remember when we were in 6th grade, and that was the first time I saw you. You brown hair, tied in a high pony tail, your curls all messy and in your face? You had on blue skinny jeans, and a white shirt. You were quietly sitting in the corner and-" "You were the only one that talked to me that day." You cut him off laughing. "Yea." He laughed. you looked at him, his face facing the party, watching the people inside. "Look at you... Your dreams just coming true Liam." You said looking at your sister who was talking to some guy. It looked like Niall's older brother. "Yea, well, all except one." "Oh, and what would that be?" You asked. He opened his mouth to say something, when he looked up and noticed the mistletoe above you two. He closed his mouth, while you blushed like crazy. He looked at you, and grabbed your hand. "You." He whispered, before you ould say anything, he kissed you softly. When he pulled away,you looked at him. "Me what?" He chuckled, and touched your cheek with his hand. "your the dream that I never got." He smiled, kissing you again. You pulled away to your sister yelling "I TOLD YOU!" and then she walked out the house. "Well, your dream came true Mr. Payne." You giggled and kissed him again. THE END.

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