Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


19. Liam Payne imagine

You were at a One Direction CD signing with your bestfriend Nikki. "Oh Chandler! We are so close! OMG!!!!" She started screaming, making you start to freak out. She jumped as her blonde curls were bouncing up and down, and her big blue yes wide with excitment. She was always the pretty one out of the two of you. You always thought that you had dull brown hair, and pale green eyes. No guy had ever liked you before, or you just didnt think so. You guys were next in line now, wearing your One Direction crop tops. Yours had Liam's signiture, and hers had Louis'. You were die hard directioners, but you had a soft spot for Liam. Anwyay, you saw them all joking around, and playing with the other fans. When it was your turn, you and Morgan approached Harry slowly. "Hello lovelys! What are your names?" You answered, "Well, Im Chandler, and this is Nikki." You smiled as he looked at you showing his dimples, and then blushed when he looked at Nikki. He signed your Cd's , so you moved on to Niall. "Hey Babe! Your name is......." He waited. "Chandler." You smiled as he smiled back, and Zayn whispered something in his ear. "Well, you look lovely my dear." He nodded to you, and smiled. You moved on to Zayn. He was smiling like an idiot at you. You smiled back, blushing. "Hi Zayn.." You said. "Hello, Chandler." HEr winked at you, and then whispered, "Liam seems to take a shining to ya." He winked again, as you moved on to Louis. "Helloooooo!" He said all cheery. "HIIII." You mimked, making him laugh. "I like this one Liam." He winked at him, causing you to blush, and then laugh too. "I hope I will be seeing some more of you sooon!" He giggled. You watched as Nikki talked to Louis too, and she hugged him, you noticed a slip of paper go into her back pocket, but she didnt seem to notice. You looked at Liam, whos big brown eyes were already staring intently at you. "Can I tell you a secret?" HE asked slowly. "Uhm.. sure?" You giggled. "You are amazingly beautiful." He winked at you, as you blushed. "Thanks." You smiled at him widely, as he wrote something extra in your CD, and then you finished. "I hope to see you around CHANDLER!" HE called after you. You smiled and waved back, as Nikki caught up with you. "THAT. WAS. AMAZING." She yelled. She looked inside her CD, and smiled. "Well, let me see yours!" She said. "It's no different than yours." You laughed. "Well, thats a lie." "What do you mean?" "LOOK!" She screamed. She handed you your Cd. You opened it to see Liam's signiture. It said: "I think you are the most beautiful girl i have ever seen, and here is my number, so call me maybe? Or text? ;) xx_ Liam." You screeched. "OH MY GOD." Nikki screamed. You immeditaely took your phone out and texted him. "Hey, its Chandler. :)"  You got a reply like five seconds later. "Oh Hey! I thought you werent going to text! :( But I am glad you did! :)" You smiled and texted back, "Well, why would I text you back? ;)" He replied with "Im not sure.. :) Anyway, dinner tomorrow? 7 Oclock? ;)" You screeched Nikki looked at you wide eyed " Sure, I'd love too! :)" HE relpied, "Great! Oh, and Louis said to tell Nikki to text him. ;)" I looked at Nikki, who looked in her pockets, and pulled out a little slip of paper. "Her, I thought you might want this, so here is my number babe! Call me :)" She yelled, and jumped again. You two had a double date tomorrow, with your dream crushes... THE END!

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