Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


14. Liam Payne imagine

Coincedently, The Simon Cowell was your uncle. You did love him, even though he is very sarcastic. But, he was all mushy gushy around you, he was practically your best friend. You live with him, after your mom had died, and your dad left when you were little. You were an  only child, so you didnt have to bother with siblings. This morning, you heard your bedroom door creak open, revealing Simon. "Hey Ariel." HE said sweetly, which was strange. "Ok, unlce Simon, what do you want?" "What, I cant come say Hi to my favorite Niece?" "Im your only niece uncle Simon." You laughed. He chuckled, and then said, "Fine... You know that boyband i'm working with?" You were puzzled. "Uhm, yea. One Direction, the boyband, why?" You asked, sittin gup in bed. "Well, I need someone to watch them, and I unfourtunately have a meeting. I would LOVE if you would watch them for me? Kinda like babysitting I guess." He chuckled. "Ok, I will. But with ONE CONDITION." You pointed a finger at him. "Ok, and that would beee..." "I want to make a demo. You know I love singing, and I want to record a diet with one of the boys." You smirked and rasied an eyebrow. "Fineeee..." He grumbled and then rubbed his brow. The door bell rang, and he said, "Ok, those are the boys." He got up. "Get dressed. Your not going to be around teenage boys looking like that." He looed you up and down, glared at you, and then shut the door behind you.

You hopped out of bed, and then walked to your closet. You grabbed a pair of blue hollister skinny jeans, and an over the shoulder white hollister sweater. You slipped on some brown Toms, and your fake hipster glasses. You brushed through your hair, and then left it in its brown, dip dyed bright pink natural wavy state. You pulled a cream color beanie on, and then grabbed your phone. You took a deep breath, opened your door, and walked out. You were texting your friend Katie, and walked down the stairs. You heard loud laughing, and many accents. You were American before you moved in with Simon. Anyway, you reached the bottom step, and looked up from your phone, seeing all the boys sitting on the couches, talking with Simon. "Oh here she is now. Here is my neice Ariel." He got up, and waved for you to come over. "Ariel, this is Liam, Louis, Harry, Zayn, and Niall." He pointed to each one of them ,and waved to them. "Ok, ground rules. KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS BOYS. NO TRYING ANYTHING, AND ARIEL AND LIAM ARE IN CHARGE. HARRY, DONT TRY ANYTHING." He glared at Harry.

"Hey why is it just me??" He put his hands up. "Maybe because your a horndog." Louis said. You laughed, taking a seat on the couch next to Liam, and Niall. "Hi." You said. "Heyy." Niall said in his irish accent. You laughed. "Ok, im leaving now. i'll see you later Ari." Simon said. He kissed your forehead, and left. "Ok, so lets get to know each other." Zayn said. "Ok, what do you want to know?" You asked. You sat criss cross applesauce on the couch, gripping your phone tightly, and then Liam laid an arm behind you. You smiled at him, and then turned back to the other boys. "Well, to start off, what do you do? Like what are your hobbies?" Louis asked. "Well, I play trombone... Im american... I am 18... And I love singing." You said smiling widely. "Well, can we hear you sing?" Liam asked you. "Uhm.. not right now. But when Unlce Simon comes back, I get to sign in his studio, with one of you for a duet. 'The last time' by Taylor swift." You smiled at him. His big brown eyes sparkling. You just started ar each other, until Niall coughed. "ANYWAY, we are looking forward to it." He said. You smiled at Niall. The whole night, you guys talked and talked. You watched as each of the boys slowly fell asleep on the couch. Liam falling asleep in your lap, Niall on your shoulder, Harry, Louis, and Zayn at your feet. You eventually fell asleep on Niall's head, as your Uncle walked through the door.

"Hey Ari." He whispered. You wok eup. "Hey." You laughed, noticing the boys all wakin gup slowly. It was day light now, and about 6 in the morning. Liam was still sleeping, and then he jolted up when Zayn hit him in the stomach. "IM UP!" He screamed. You laughed. He looked at you. You were thinking about his eyes when Uncle Simon said, "So, have you decided who is going to sing with you?" He asked. "Well, yea, I guess." Yu blushed. "Well? Who?" HE egged on. "Well, I would love it if Liam would.." You looked at him and smiled. "I'd love to, babe." HE kissed your cheek. "Well, lets get over to the studio." HE said chuckling. You all hopped into the big SUV in the front, and started driving. Liams hand brushed yours as he held it tightly intertwinging fingers. You didnt think much of it, an then you arrived at the studio. You walked in with the boys, immediately getting hugs from Savaan, and everybody else. You smiled, and walked in, Liam close on your tail. "Well, lets do this." You whispered to Liam, putting the head phones on. "Ok." He whispered back. The song began, he started off, and then it got to your part. When the song ended, you looked at Liam, his eyes wide, and he was genuinley impressed. "What?" You giggled, blushing a deep red. "Your just so beautiful." HE whispered. You smiled at the ground, and then out of no where, Liam grabbed your face and kissed you. You smiled when he pulled away, and then he started rambling on appologizing and everything. You stopped him by kissing him again, and then you walked out of the studio. "That was amazing!!" Niall screamed. "Espically the kiss." Harry winked at you two. "Ha." You giggled. Later on, you and Liam started dating, and then you were his girl friend. THE END!

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