Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


9. Liam Payne imagine

Having a best friend that is famous, is never easy. You and Liam were always so close, and you could tell each other everything, but he was about to leave for tour in America. Right now, was the last day before he leaves. You two were sitting on your bed in your flat, just talking. "Do you remember when we snuck into the pool that was for the private neighborhood?" Liam remarked laughing. "Yea! Dude, we got in so much trouble for that. My parents were about to kill me." You laughed along. "Im sad, Liam." You said, facing him now after you were sitting in silence. "Why Thalia?" He asked, his big brown eyes looking intently at you out fo concern. "Well, you are leaving for tour tomorrow.... And I wont be able to see you for months!" You felt your eyes start to sting. "Well, that was actually what I wanted to talk to you about... " He took your hands in his, and he rubbed the backs of your hands with his thumb. "I would love it if you came along. I mean the boys really want to meet you. They keep bugging me to brring you to meet them, and you always said that you wanted to go to America, so would you like to come on tour with me and the boys?" Liam asked with pleading eyes. "Oh my god! Yes! Of course!" You screamed as you attacked Liam into a huge hug, and you both layed there laughing. "This is going to be amazing! Going on tour with my best friend!" Liam happily said. You squealed again, attacking Liam for the fourth time today.

After Liam had left that night, you packed all your clothes that you needed, and then layed out your clothes for the morning, a paie of light shreaded skinny jeans with a peach over the sohulder sweater, and your nude toms. You fell asleep later that night, and woke up at 4 the next morning. You hopped up, pulling on your clothes, and fishtailing your chocoalte brown hair to the side, and not putting any makeup on. Liam hated it when you wore it. He always said that he loved how your eyes were th prettiest blue color, and that you didnt need anything to cover them up. You pulled your suitcase downstairs, and waitied patiently for Liam to arrive. At about 5:30, your doorbell rang. "Hi, im Paul. Liam couldnt come, so he sent me." He smiled, shaking your hand, and then taking your bags leading you to the car. The carride was silent, and then you arrived at the airport. It turned out that you were riding a private plane with the boys. You smiled and Paul siad, "Go ahead on. They are all waiting for you." He smiled again, and then you walked toward the palne. You walked up the steps, and heard yelling from inside. "SHUT UP LOUIS!" Someone screamed. You walked on, and you immediately got pulled into a hug. "Thalia! Your here!" Liam yelled. You laughed and said, "Yea!" He pulled away, and lead you toward where all the boys were sitting. "Boys, this is Thalia! Thalia, this is Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Niall." He pointed to each one of them, while you waved and smiled. You sat down on a couch that was on the plane, and Niall and Harry on both your sides. "You know Thalia, Liam fanices you." Niall said in your ear. You blushed.

You glanced over at Liam making eye contact, and he smiled at you while he was talking to Paul. "Yea, he talks about you all the time. Non stop, Louis normally has to hit him." Harry said chuckling. You giggled, and said, "Well, I dont think he likes me... He never really did act like he did. Plus, he is my best friend. If he wanted something more, he shouldve made a move." You said. The boys chuckled. Liam walked over to you, glared at Harry, and then HArry got up, to let Liam sit. You chuckled. The whole plane ride, you guys talked and laughed. You got to know each of the boys personally, and it made you feel at home.  The plane had finally landed, and you guys got off, one, and Liam was talking to Niall. HArry walked beside you and said. "Liam really does fancy you, and by what I can see, you fancy him too. I have a plan on how I can get him to make the first move." You glanced at Harry, noticing his smirk. You grinned, and he said, "Ok, so I am going to flirt with you, and stuff like that, and Liam would eventually get jealous enough to ask you out." You nodded your head. Once you reached the hotel, the plan was starting. "You are very beautiful, Thalia." Harry said winking at you. "Your not so bad yourself styles." You kissed his cheek, noticing Liam's red face. You giggled. Louis said, "Oh, is someone jealous??" Teasing him. Liam had had enough of it, so he grabbed your hand, led you into the hall, and pushed you against the wall, glaring at you. "Why are you doing this to me?" HE was angry. "Doing what?" You said innocently. "Fuck... Ok. Your choice. It is me, or it is him." HE was staring into your eyes. You were strangley turned on by this. Before you could answer, Liam smashed your lips together. you wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing back. "You." You mumbled into the kiss. "Good choice." He whispered. Kissing you again. THE END!

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