Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


29. Harry Styles Imagine

You just finished reading the Dark fanfic. It was amazing, and with Harry being your boyfriend, you loved to think of him like that. He was never that rough or anything with you. Well, you didnt want Harry to know that you read that fanfic, but you let it slip one day. That day, Harry was getting spammed with mentions on his twitter. "Whatcha reading babe?" You walked into the livng room whiile harry was on his laptop. "All the fans keep posting things about Me and this Bo girl. And they keep posting things like, 'Barry forever,' or like these dramatic phrases. I have no idea what it is about!" you just sat there laughing. "What?!?" He asked. "Well, Its a fanfic babe. Its about you and a girl named Bo. Its really actually kinda good ya know?" Your eyes widened after you said that. "So... Youve read it?" He smirked. "WEll, yea, people were talking about it so... yea I read it." You said sippign your coffee. "Well, I wanna read it. So show it to me!" "Harry... I dont thi.." "Oh come on!  Just show me!" He kept beggining. "Fine!" You gave him the link to it, and immediately began reading it. He finished it in just three hours, and it was 10 when he started reading it, so he finished at 12:45. It was midnight and you wanted to sleep. Harry came in and laid down next to you, and you both feel asleep. The next morning, You woke up to someone brushing your nose. You fluttered your eyes open to see Harry hovering over you. "Goodmorning Beautiful." He said smiling softly. "Goodmorning." you smiled. Things just started getting like Dark throughout the day too. At Noon, Harry had the boys over, and Louis sat next to you. "So, Nicky, how are you and Harry?" "Were good. Great actually." You smiled over at him, and he smirked back. When Louis laid his arm around you, You noticed Harry's face tense up and his mucsels too. You brushed it off, and after the boys left, Like seriosuly right when you shut the door, Harry grabbed your waist by force, and pushed you up against the door. "Harry- What are you doing?" He just started biting, nipping, licking, and kissing your neck, like Harry did in Dark. It was actually a turn on for you.

He pulled away smirking "See you later, Beautiful." And then he walked out the door. You ran to the bathroom and noticed a big love bite on the side of your neck. Your face turned a red color, when you noticed how visible it was. "Why is he acting like- Oh.... Dark..." You said aloud. You decided to follow Harry to see where he was going, so you got in your car, and saw that he went to the Gym. You got out of your car after he walked inside. You followed him inside, and watched him. He was boxing. Just like Harry did in Dark. It was hot. You ran outside and called yourfriends to meet up at a coffee place.

"So, he is acting just like the Harry from Dark?" Your friend asked. "Exactly like him! Its kinda hot." You said laughing. You looked out the window, and saw Harry standing there next to his range rover. You got up, hugged your friend by, and then walked outside toward Harry. "Hey beautiful." He said, grabbing you by the waist and kissing you. "Hi." You said breathlessly. He opened the door for you, and you slid inside. Once he got in, he grabbed your hand, and then you said, "Harry, why are you actining like this?" You asked. He just looked at you. "I mean, like Harry from Dark." Then he turned toward you. "I dont know. Its just, that Harry was so different, and by the look in your eyes, I saw how much you liked him. I just wanted to see what it would be like to... you know... be someone you actually wanted me to be like." He said sighing. "Harry. Of course, I liked the Harry from dark. He was so mysterious and rough. I liked the fanfic. Key word FANFIC. Harry, listen..." You said turning toward him. "That isnt the Harry I fell in love with. I fell in love with the real Harry. The Harry that is siting right here in front of me right now. Not a fake Harry." You said smiling. You leaned over and kissed him. "But, I gotta admit, it was kinda... hot." You whispered. "Oh?" He said smirking. "Well, yea.... I gotta admit, it was really hot with you being so rough with me, and the way you took control. Do it more often?" You smirked. "Anything, for you babe." He kissed you. "Im yours forever." You whispered. "And im yours. If you'll have me, im yours." He said smirking. You laughed and kissed him again. THE END.

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