Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


24. Harry Styles imagine

Harry was your brothers best friend. You have to admit that you HAD the biggest crush on him when you were younger, but then he got a girl friend and became a horn dog. Anyway, he went to your brothers football game, with you and your family. He was doped up on pills because he just got surgery. "Hey Paige, can I lay in your lap?" He asked. He was wobbling when he was walking, so you said sure. You crisscrossed your legs, as he layed his head in your lap. You brushed you hand threw his hair. He went to go help your dad with the coaching, and you got up and sat in a chair. He walked back over, and sat in the chair next to you. He was still a little out of it, and he asked a really weird question. "So, Paige. When do you plan on loosing your V-card?" You whiped your head around and glared at him. "What the hell? Why would you ask me that?" ""Becasue I kinda want to fuck you." you widened your eyes. "Wow. Ok Harry you stooped to a pretty low level." You got up, and walked back to your car, and sat in there waiting for your parents. You sat in the backseat, and Harry hopped in, followed by your brother. Harry sat next to you, and your brother on the other side of the car. You went out to eat, and to Panda Express. Harry sat next to you there too. You didnt eat, but texted your friend. Harry's hand found your thigh, and ran his fingers up and down your thigh. You pushed it off, and ignored him. His hand kept squeezing your thigh and your knee. You glared at him.

After everyone finished eating, you guys walked out side, and hopped in the car again. Harry sat next to you again, and your [arents were headed to walmart now. Harry placed his hand on your thigh again, and you whispered stop to him. "No." He whispred back. He grabbed your hand now, and intertwined your fingers together. You gave up and just let him do what ever he wanted to. He kissed the back of your hand, and squeezed it tightly. He played with your fingers and kept rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand. You were looking out the window, and pretending like nothing happened. It was like 7 at night so no one could see what he was doing. Anyway, he let go of your hand, and then leaned over toward you. "I know you like me..." He whispered, squeezing your thigh, and he kissed your back. "HArry stop..." you whispered. "No, I know you like me... Just say you do.." He whispered back. He kissed your neck this time, and bit on it, and then dragged your shirt sleeve down with his teeth. In all honesty, it turned you on, but you tried to ignore him. You pushed him off of you, and fixed your shirt. When you pulled into the walmart parking lot, and you hopped out of the car as fast as you could. You walked behind everyone else, tring to ignore everyone. You had your earphones in, and were listening to your music. You felt two arms wrap around your waist as you were puttin gthe groceries into the cart. "I got it babe." He whispered. You backed away, and then walked with everyone out to the car. You walked behind the group again, and you felt a pair of hands grap your waist, and someone kiss your neck again. "Harry! Stop!" You whispered at him. "stop?" He asked inncoently. "You want me to stop?" He asked inncoently again. "Yes!" You whispered loudly again. "Then kiss me.." He said in your ear. You whipped your head around to look him in the eyes. You grabbed his face, and kissed him, hard. "Now stop!" You said. You walked away, and got into the car. Harry slid in next to you. followed by your brother. He just sat there, and then your parents pulled into his driveway dropping him and your brother off at his house. Before he got out of the car, he whispered in your ear, thanks for the kiss Paige... I'll call you later ok? And maybe, we can go out sometime..." he pulled away winked at you and then walked away.. Later that night he did call you and you agreed to go out with him... THE END.

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