Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


15. Harry Styles imagine

Harry had ALWAYS beent he nerd at school. Wearing baggy clothes, he had glasses, and was fairly shy too. You did always like him, not minding his looks or how shy he was. He was genuinely sweet, and kind. He was always so nice to you. Anyway, it was your senior year in highschool, the first day of school to be exact. You can say that your style has changed. You wear skinny jeans,, sweaters, and even heels now. You never used to wear that stuff. Anyway, you pulled on a pair of American eagle skinny jeans, and a cream colord sweater. You pulled on your white converse hightops, and put a dark grey beanie on, with your brown hair curled. You pulled on your glasses (they looked like hipster glasses, because you had then make those your perscription glasses.) You hopped into your car, and slung your backpack into the back seat. You drove to school, and then immediately went to the front office to get your scedual. When you arrived at your first class, you noticed everyone huddled around one desk, and then they all turned to look at you. "Ellie? Is that you?" A person asked. You looked up from the ground, and saw a familar pair of green eyes. "Uhm, yea." You smiled. "You look so different." The person said. "Yea. And so do you Harry." You smiled at him. His curls seemed so much more lively, and he wasnt wearing his glasses anymore. He was wearing skinny jeans now, and a white V-neck. No sweater vests anymore. "Wow...." He said. The teacher walked into class, and  you took your seat, Harry immediately sitting right next to you, in the avaliable stool. (you were in chemistry).

The teacher turned the light off, showing a presentation on the class. You were paying attention, until you noticed a piece of paper nudge your elbow. You looked at it. It was from Harry saying "What happened to the other Ellie? The one who always wore baggy pants, and hoodies? :(" You smiled and wrote back. "People change, Harry. What about you? No more glasses, sweater vests? :(" You wrote back cheekily. You had gotten a little more confidant over the summer. You heard a low chuckle from beside you. He wrote back. "Well, i guess thats true. I mean, not that you didnt look great before, its just now, you look beautiful. ;)" You blushed smiling again, writing back, "Well thank you. And you look better too by the way. ;)" you slid the note back over to him, and then looked ahead. You could feel someone looking at you, and you knew it was Harry. The school bell rang, and you slowly got up, and slung your back pack over your shoulder. You didnt notice HArry was still there, until he started talking. "So Ellie..." He looked at you. "So Harry..." You giggled. "What I said was true. You look amazing." He said looking at you. "Thanks. And you look so... different.... in a good way." You smiled looking at him. "Well, maybe we can talk over dinner tomorrow?" He asked, rather confident. "Sure. Why not." You smiled, and walked into class. The door shut beside you, and then you realized you left your book in the science class.

You got up, and into the hall way, noticing Harry dancing. You just stood there and giggled. He froze and turned aroud slowly. "so... Did you just-" "Yep sure did Harry." You smiled. "I thought it was cute." You giggled. You went over and hugged him, and then walked back to the chemistry room. You walked over to the desk, grabbed your book, and left the class. Someone immedatley grabbed your waist, and turned you around kissing you. You pulled away noticing Harry standing there with a smirk on his face. "See ya later." And he walked off. You blushed and quickly made your way back to class. Little did you know, you just kissed your future husband. ;) THE END!


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