Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


10. Harry Styles imagine

You lived in Claifornia, and only two miles away from the staples center. You ownded a house in a quiet neigborhood. One day while sitting on the porch reading a book on your steps, there were a fit of screams erupting from down the street. You saw a curly headed boy wearing sunglasses sprinting down the street, being chased by a group of girls. You, being the nice person you are, whisteled at him, getting his attention, motioning yoru head toward your house. He stopped loked back at the crowd, and ran into your now open door, to avoid the teenage girls. You slammed the door shut, closed all the blinds, and turned the light on. "Oh my god. Thank you so much." He said, taking off his sunglasses. "Im Harry Styles." He smiled at you showing his dimples. "Im Hayden." You smiled and shook his hand. You led him to your living room, where he sat on your couch still breathing heavy. "Here." You said handing him a glass of lemonade. "thanks." He smiled again and then drank the whole thing in a matter of a few seconds. You sat across from him onyour coffee table, and he started to talk, brekaing the awkard silence. "You have a lovely home." He said. You smiled and thanked him. "So, why were you being chased by a crowd of girls. Well, I mean, I know whoyou are, but I meant, why did you have secruity with you?" You asked, getting up and putting your glass into the sink. "Well, I figured that I would just go out and walk around. I mean it is my first time in LA, and I wanted to sight see. None of the boys wanted to come, so I came by myself. I said, 'I'll be fine Paul' and then I walked out of the door. Stupid mistake by my part." He said rubbing his hands through his curls. "Well, if you want, I can give you a ride to where ever you are staying." You offered. "That would be lovely. Thank you." You picked up your keys, and then opened your door, seeing blinding flashes from cameras, and screaming. "Or not...." You mumbled. "Shit. Im sorry." He said apologizing. "Its ok. You can just hang out here for a while, untill they give up, or there is less of them here." You smiled patting him on the shoulder. You felt an electric shock move through your body.

He sighed and then sat back down on your couch, with his head in his hands. "Why dont you call someone?" "Well, I lost my phone in the run, and I dont now anyones number by heart. FUCK." He screamed. "Listen Harry, just calm down. It'll be fine. They hopefully will be gone withen an hour." You said sitting next to him. He moved farther from you, and to your surprise, he layed his head in your lap. "I hope you dont mind." He looked up at you and you smiled. "Not at all." You leaned back, and he slowly fell asleep in your lap, while youwere playing with his curls.  You smiled, and slowly started getting up, and you softly put his head on the pillow. You pulled a blanket over him, and looked at the time. 11:30. You sighed and looked out your window. Thankfully, the girls were gone, and you turned around, and Harry was standing behind you. "Oh good, their gone." HE sighed, smiling. You smiled at him, and grabbed your keys. He walked out of the door, and then you unlocked your car, letting him in. He hopped in, and you started to drive. "Well, thanks for the ride Hayden. And im sorry about falling asleep on your lap." He was blushing. "Harry, its ok. i really didnt mind. You look cute when you sleep." Shit did i really say that out loud?" You blushed furiosuly. "Well, thank you, but not half as cute as you." He said causing you to blush even more. You smiled at him, as you pulled into the hotel parking lot. "Well, thanks again." He leaned over and kissed your cheek. He asked you for your number, and of course you gave it to him. "Bye babe." EH winked at you, and walked into the hotel.

The next day, still no call from Harry. You were loungin around your house, in sweat pants and a oversized sweater, when your doorbell rang. "Coming" You yelled. You opened the door, and there stood Harry. "Sorry, I didnt call." He smiled. "i-its ok." You stumbled. "Well, would you like to go get some lunch?" He asked. "Sure, just let me get dressed." You smiled, letting him into your home. Later that day, you had an amazaing lunch with Harry. THE END!

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