Just One Direction Imagines :)

I decided just to write some one direction imagines with each of the boys... Read em, like em, comment??
please? :)


5. Harry Styles imagine

You were One Direction's opening act for their Take Me Home tour for 2013. You were Amercian, and yet they thought you were amazing, and hired you. Why? You never were sure. Today, you were going to meet witht them for the first time. You pulled your naturally curly brown hair out of a ponytail. They were the loose kind of curls. You pulled on white skinny jeans, a black floral print top with tan flowers on it. You wore tan 50s style shoes. You never wore makeup, you didnt like the way it felt. Anyway, you grabbed your purse, cellhone, and keys, and headed out to your car. You hoped in, getting more and more nervous with everymile you got closer. You pulled into the parking lot, and sat there for a second. "I cent beileve that this is happening. I was just making videos on youtube, and now i am meeting the biggest boy band in the world." You said to yourself. Honestly, you werea  huge fan. Most of the covers you did on youtube were of One Direction. Anyway, you grabbed your phone, and walked into the building. They had a security guard lead you to the meeting room, were you saw allof the boys, Simon, and Paul, their security guard.

"Hi!" You said shyly. "Well Hello! You must be Payton." Simon said, oddly being cheeful. "Yes Sir!" You smiled, shaking his hand. You looked around the room to see all the boys looking at you. "Hi, Im Payton." You smiled waving. "Im Niall," "Im Liam" "Im Louis" "Im Zayn" "and Im Harry." They all said smiling at you. You blushed slightly, as you took your seat, across the table from Harry. He smirked at you showing his dimples that you loved so much. You loved all the boys but you had a soft spot for Harry. You werent sure why, but you did. Anyway, Simon talked about tour dates and covers that you would be singing. You listened carefully, while the boys all messed around on their phones. "Well, We want you to cover Demi Lovatos' SkyScraper. So, how about singing a little for us?" Simon said. You smiled. "Sure. Uhm, do you want me to do it in the studio?" You asked. "Sure! Right this way." You smiled, and followed everyone, talking to Niall. "Hi." he said. "Hi." you smiled back. "Not to brag, but I am the one who found you on youtube." He smirked. "Oh really?" You smiled. "Yepppp. And you are amazing. I loved you rcover of Little Things. I wanted you to be on tour with us, so I got simon to sign you." He smiled turning toward you. "Thank you. You have no idea how amzing this is." You hugged him tightly, when Simon called for you to go in the studio.

"Ok, go ahead and start." Simon said. You walked into the booth,put the head phones on, and began singing. It was an amazing feeling to be standing there and singing infront of them. You ended, and walked out of the booth. Everyone was staring at you. "Well?" You asked. "You were amazing." Harry said awkstruck. "Thank you." You blushed. Everyone complemented you, and said you did great, blah blah blah. You were walking back to your car after the meeting, and then HArry came up behind you. "Hi." HE said. You smiled, leaning up against your car. "I was wondering if you would like to go to dinner with me tonight?" He asked confidently. "I dont know styles. Would I?" You smirked. "Yes." He said, and then got closer to you. "Well. ok then." You smirked again. He was breath was on your lips, and then he kissed you. He pulled away, and said "See you tonight at seven." HE winked and then left. THE END

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