Red Ink

Not exactly twilight, but we have vampires, and relationships, and school and such.


1. Gossip?


Oswin Stuart was a 19 year old girl with dark brown eyes and ginger hair that she had defiantly bleached a shocking white. She had the type of glasses that were made completely indie by the geek-chic trend, and her favourite colour was mustard yellow. She was your completely average ‘weird’ girl at school; she had a few close friends, a ferret called Ian, and was completely smitten with a boy who was completely out of her league. Her family life however was a little out of the ordinary.

The Stuart family consisted primarily of Mrs Emily Stuart and Mr Harry Stuart; the somewhat proud parents of 5 children; 20 year old Lucy, 18 year old Nora; 20 year old Marcus (twin of Lucy, 10 minutes younger), not so little 11 year old Peter, and of course; Oswin.

There’s nothing so horribly unusual about 5 children thought right? I suppose not. But then again, that’s 7 in one household. And Vampires can be pretty territorial when they need to be.

Let’s join Oswin on a typical day at school. She’s the only one in her family undergoing an illustration course in university, so it should be a nice way to ease you into her life.


As she walked down the empty hallway of her student accommodation, Oswin paused at the mirror and smiled. Her canines were due for a filing. They were beginning to resemble fangs again. “Hey Ozzy!” Daniel called as he opened the front door and unleashed a ray of sunlight into Oswin’s path.
“Oh hey Daniel!” she replied, grinning and praying to god he didn’t remember the previous night’s house party. “So have you called Jacob yet?” he asked with a wink. ‘for fucks sake.’ She thought to herself as he grinned at her whilst taking off his red coat “or was it more of a... casual occurrence for you?” he asked as she groaned and put on her own yellow coat. “I could let him off easy if you don’t want the burden...” He added finally, dodging her slap as she slammed the door behind her.

Her walk to University wasn’t a long one. It took about 10 minutes to get from the housing to her seat in the art studio. “So Ozzy, are the rumours true? Jacob Finch?” a familiar voice behind her asked in a completely mocking voice. “Shut up Jay.” She muttered, setting up her canvas as the extremely flamboyant Jay leaned over and gave her a hug; “As icy cold as ever my darling” he chuckled, feigning a shiver and sitting beside her. Oswin smiled. Despite his apparent admiration of Robert Pattinson in the twilight movies, Jay was completely hopeless at spotting the signs of a vampire.  “Just my shit circulation at work I guess” she chuckled as he withdrew his embrace and gave her one of those completely cliché mother hen type gay looks. “Don’t go changing the subject on me young lady. What’s this I hear about you and Jacob?” he inquired further as she began drawing. “We both got drunk. We had a little fling.” She replied calmly, ignoring his completely shocked reaction.

“But it’s JACOB FINCH!” Jay announced after about 5 minutes of shocked silence. Oswin smiled and turned to face him, fully prepared for the highly excitable gossip fest that was sure to follow.
“Yes Jay, I’m fully aware who he is.”
“But he’s gorgeous!”
“He’s a bit of a beefcake.”
“A beefcake? So he’s as strong as they say? Some people say he’s a vampire!”
Oswin sighed, some people did say he was a vampire. And in fact, many people were right in that fact.

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