It gotta be you

Lauren Mortimer hated her life, she ran away from home with her dog called Dexter. They had no money, no food.. no home. But one day a dangerous thing happened but was saved (literally saved) by a blonde haired, handsome man with eyes as the colour of the Hawaii seas. She and Dexter was safe, for now. Suddenly many people heard about the new stories that are coming aroung the world, one girl in paticular was'nt happy and do anything I mean ANYTHING so stop whats going in the future. Could Lauren handle all the adventures? Well you just have to find out.


9. Chapter 9-LIAMS POV

When Niall and the pretty Lauren went, I stared at Harry before talking to him.

"What do you think your doing?" I said calmly. I heard foot steps coming down, it was Zayn and Louis. They must be wanting to see the arguement, so they sat down on the couch and watched what we do.

"I..I..I was flirting with Lauren" Harry said quietly as a mouse. He looked guilty for it but I can tell he would do it again. "Wait..Harry was flirting with Lauren, I thought Niall was the only one who actually wanted her in his life, Harry you should know better." Said Louis in shocked. And Zayn was in anger too. Did he like her too?

"Its just, I've never met a girl like that before." Harry said, he cried and ran upstairs into his room, Louis ran after him. "WAIT Harry come back!!" he shouted and ran to Harrys room. Why do I feel.. different. I have a girlfriend for gods sake. Lauren face wont get out of my head.

"Liam, are you okay? you look ill maybe you should lie down" Zayn said and patted the couch for me to lie down on, so I did. I felt a tear running down my face, Zayn notised and sat next to me.

"Hey hey, why are you crying? Harry will forgive you" Zayn said patting my back gently.

"Thank you, but i'm not upset about that" I mumbled cover my face with my arms.

"Then what is it then?" Zayned looking confused.

"I think I dont love Daniellr anymore".

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