It gotta be you

Lauren Mortimer hated her life, she ran away from home with her dog called Dexter. They had no money, no food.. no home. But one day a dangerous thing happened but was saved (literally saved) by a blonde haired, handsome man with eyes as the colour of the Hawaii seas. She and Dexter was safe, for now. Suddenly many people heard about the new stories that are coming aroung the world, one girl in paticular was'nt happy and do anything I mean ANYTHING so stop whats going in the future. Could Lauren handle all the adventures? Well you just have to find out.


4. Chapter 4

Feeling my heart thump the same speed of me running, what am I running away from? It looked like I'm in the forest, why am I here? suddenly I see figures in front of me, then I realise who they were, my mum, dad, sister, the raper and my bullies a school. They all just stared at me with their red glimming eyes.

"Hey nerd, why dont you slit your neck so we could use it for cranberry juice" said one of the bullies, I screamed and ran back but when I tured around. They were there.

"LAUREN! turn around so i can give you the punishment for running away from your family, we may not care about you, but your family loves to see you cry in pain. they will be a party when you die, its called Laurens funeral, dont it sound good?" said Lucy.

"What have I actually done for you people to be so mean?!!!!". I screamed to them, then they all laughed. I stared at them with confusion, thats when my older sister stepped forward.

"Because you were born you pathetic bitch, you think you were gonna be born with a happy life, well no, you were an accident and accidents makes things go wrong, this ALL happened about of YOU Lauren" The word YOU ecoed in my head then everyones started shouting names to me like "Idiot", "Pathetic" all sorts of things, I covered my ears with my hands and crouched down on the muddy floor, the voices were getting loader and loader each second, when I looked up I saw a gun on the floor, my hands were shaxing, my legs were stiff. I grabbed the gun then instantly pointed it to my head, good bye world then there was a BANG!!.

I saw darkness like someone has put a black cover over me, am I dead? But then I heard voices calling my name.

"Lauren, lauren, wake up Lauren"

wake up?? how can I wake up when I'm dead??

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