It gotta be you

Lauren Mortimer hated her life, she ran away from home with her dog called Dexter. They had no money, no food.. no home. But one day a dangerous thing happened but was saved (literally saved) by a blonde haired, handsome man with eyes as the colour of the Hawaii seas. She and Dexter was safe, for now. Suddenly many people heard about the new stories that are coming aroung the world, one girl in paticular was'nt happy and do anything I mean ANYTHING so stop whats going in the future. Could Lauren handle all the adventures? Well you just have to find out.


16. Chapter 16


I woke up having a massive headache, was that a dream? I tried to get up but I couldnt. I looked around and saw myself tied up on my bed    wait I'M NAKED!! I looked around again and saw Zayn, Louis, Liam, Harry and Lauren ALSO NAKED. What is happening? dam! Lauren looks good naked. they were all tied up on the floor.

"Liam" I whispered. nothing.

"Louis" I whispered. nothing.

"Harry" I whispered again, he moaned and finally openig his eyes, he looked shocked, well..he is seeing me naked right now.

"Dude what happened? why arent you wearing clothes and why are tied up? He asked giggling.

"I should be asking the same question to you" I said, Liam looked confused and looked around, his eyebrows shot up.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING? Wait wow..lauren she looks gooood, she got a nice ass and ohhhh her boobs are so-"

"Harry, there no time for you to be checking out my girlfriend right now, we need to know how to get out of this" Liam, Louis, Zayn and Lauren started to moan and woke up. they stared at each other and then  to thereself and screamed.

"Whats happening?" said Louis

"Why are you tied up?" said Liam

"Why are we all naked?" Said Lauren. they all stared at her.

"waheyy laurens naked. lauren you've got a nice butt there and-" said Zayn

"GUYS stop we need to get out of here before stacey g-" I said but then the door opened and Stacey walked in wearing only her underwear.

"Hello everyone, hello Niall" She said.

"WHY ARE YOU DOIG THIS" Shouted Lauren, she burst out crying but she coudnt wipe them away (well, shes tied up so she could really do it) Stacey walked up to her and slapped her on the face,

"Because I want you ALL to suffer, I went to all of your concerts and every backstage passes and this is what I get everytime, a fucking signature, no hug, no kiss and no SEX!! " Stacey screamed.

"What are you doing to us?" said Zayn looking scared.

"To make myself happy, I will have sex with you all and if you disagree ill kill Lauren, so who's first oh wait since Niall's on the bed, I might as well do him first" she said, wait..this is rape. Lauren was crying and the boys was so shocked or even scared to see me going to be raped my a crazy bitch. I have to do it, to save my love. Stacey walked to the side on the bed, stared at me and took off her bra and her underwear, I looked at Lauren she was so scared, I shed a tear and said "I love you and Ill do anything for you to be alive" lauen nodded, she trust me. Stacey went on top of me and touched me, I cried and cried but it wouldnt stop, I stared at Lauren the whole time miming "I love you" continuously to her, she was crying too and so was the boys......

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