It gotta be you

Lauren Mortimer hated her life, she ran away from home with her dog called Dexter. They had no money, no food.. no home. But one day a dangerous thing happened but was saved (literally saved) by a blonde haired, handsome man with eyes as the colour of the Hawaii seas. She and Dexter was safe, for now. Suddenly many people heard about the new stories that are coming aroung the world, one girl in paticular was'nt happy and do anything I mean ANYTHING so stop whats going in the future. Could Lauren handle all the adventures? Well you just have to find out.


15. Chapter 15-Nialls pov

I woke up with a sound of Laurens phone, Lauren looks so beautiful when she's sleeping. I love her, I had an amazing night last night and ive never felt this before, its like we were meant to be with each other. I looked on her phone and it had 14 twitter messagers, haters I hate them, I love lauren and my fans hate her cause my fans want me 'single' so they can have me. sometimes i hate being famous. But then there was a text message say: "Hi Lauren Mortimer, what you did last night with MY Niall Horan was disgusting. Your a woe, an ugly brat that just wants him for sex. I saw what you did to him, that should of been me. Im watching you bitch and you better watch your back. the next ill see you which will be soon, your dead. Niall will be mine."-unknown.

I stared at Laurens screen again, I dont want her to die i love her. how did this freak get her number? thats when a new message popped up. "Hi Niall sweety, I'm Stacey Woods and I'm your biggest fan. I love you so much that Il do anything to have you, I bet you'll fall in love with me when you see me today just like in my dreams, I dream abou you everything night, I love it when you forget to close the curtains when you shower, your so fit and handsome and I cant wait to have you forever, love ya."-unknown. Now im seriously freaked out, she said Ill see her today, when? where? why? and how? I dont want my Lauren to get hurt, what should I do. Laurens started to toss and turn. she finally open her eyes. wow.

"Morning beautiful" I said kissing her on her soft lips.

"Morning babes ewww morning breath, go brush your teeth" she said laughing at me. I cuddled her.

"Fine, only if you stay with me all day in my flat because I want a dayin today" I kissed her again.

"Okay, GO GO to the bloodly bathroom and brush your teeth NOW" she said, I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. But then I heard a crashing noise and a scream. Lauren. I ran to my bedroom and seeing Lauren on the floor and a ginger girl standing there, she looked at me and screamed.

"OMG NIALL HORAN!!! can I hug you" she started running to me. I heard all of the boys behide me then looked at Lauren then at Stacey.

"Stacey, leave my flat right now or I will call the police" I shouted at her. She laughed evially then stopped.

"Im not leaving untill Lauren Mortimer is dead" She screamed. Zayn ran to her and grabbed her arm and shoved her to the wall. she didnt look like she was hurt but then she electicuted Zayn with tazer. When Zayn dropped to the fall everything went silent, untill Liam and Louis jumped at her to the floor, she screamed and hitted them, but suddenly Liam and Louis were unconsious. Me and Harry stared at each other. Harry stared atLauren again and shed a tear he screamed with angry and ran to Stacey. I ran to Lauren her eyes were shut buy she was still breathing. she had bruises all over.

"Lauren, Lauren please wake up love, I love you please dont die ple-" I was out.



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