It gotta be you

Lauren Mortimer hated her life, she ran away from home with her dog called Dexter. They had no money, no food.. no home. But one day a dangerous thing happened but was saved (literally saved) by a blonde haired, handsome man with eyes as the colour of the Hawaii seas. She and Dexter was safe, for now. Suddenly many people heard about the new stories that are coming aroung the world, one girl in paticular was'nt happy and do anything I mean ANYTHING so stop whats going in the future. Could Lauren handle all the adventures? Well you just have to find out.


14. Chapter 14

**Hey guys this part only has a bit of sexual scene so if you are 13 or under, please go to next chapter thanks guys and THANKYOU VERY much I have about 400 or over people reading this, your great love Jess xx**


It's been a few days I've been out with NIALL HORAN and we've been everywhere like resturants (mostly going to Nandos) shopping, dancing. This is the best year of my life. But. I've been gwtting twitter commnts about me its just awful and I just wish they can just stop because its not right.

Me and Niall just came back from Nandos and we were talking to each other in his bedroom. Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry has gone to the knight club so this and Niall are alone. we both sat on the edge of the bed and talking about what we should do tomorrow.

"What should we do tomorrow babes" I asked staring into his amazing eyes.

"Well I was thinking we could go iceskating so I can see you fall" he said, I laughed because I ALWAYS fall when I'm on ice, I couldnt stop laughing and slaped his leg and let my hand stayed there but then I realised my hand was near his crotch. we stared at each other in complete silents, I slowly leaned closer to him and kissd him he grabbed my waist and kissedme back, our tongues colliding together. my hand running up his thigh to his crotch again. His soft hands run down my leg nd holding my bum I stopped kissing his to breath and smiled at him then took his top off, stoking his abs. he took my top of too then sqeezed my bum. slowly unzpping his trousers and put my hands down his boxers. he groaned and pulled my trousers down so we were both in our underwear. i pushed himto the bed. He stared at me and I unclipped my bra and moved on top of him. I dragged my hands to his shoulders then down to his pants and took them off. He moved me so he was ontop and kissed my neck and my stomach and took off mu underpants. I never felt like this before and I wanted more, more, more. I moaned quietly and I felt him go hard and he smiled at me and went in. It was painful but felt good at the same time. Done, afterthat he wnt to his side of the bed and curled around me like a cacoon. I kissed him gental lips and fell asleep. 



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