The unnoticed

Tay's best friend was everything to her, and life without her is unbearable. But how didn't she notice, how didn't she see what was happening to her best friend before it was too late.


2. Waking

Charlie stood in the busy corridor, placing her art things into her locker slowly, deep in thought. Just as she closed the door and slid the key into the lock the bell rang excruciatingly loudly, echoing off of the walls as the people disappeared into their classrooms quickly. The noise didn't seem to bother them, even though it seemed to be causing Charlie terrible pain; though she tried not to show it you could see the pain in her eyes. She locked the door with difficulty then started to walk to her lesson but the bell was too loud and the pain was too strong. She threw her hands to her ears and pushed in on her head, trying to block the sound out but it grew louder and louder, it just wouldn't stop. "Help! Please someone make it stop, please help me, make the pain stop!" She screamed but nobody came to help. "Charlie" I shouted in reply. "Charlie I'm here, I'm here to help." But she couldn't hear me over the pain. I kept shouting and shouting but she never heard. She fell to the floor and curled up, crying and covering her ears, crying out for someone to help, or someone to notice, but nobody came. "Charlie. Please hear me, Charlie!" I continued to shout but she just curled up more and more, she just couldn't stop the pain. "Charlie. Charlie."

The screaming woke me from the dream that had haunted my sleep. I kept screaming for Charlie until I realized it was just dream, Charlie wasn't in pain anymore. I wiped my face free of sweat and tears, not knowing which was which anymore. I heard the familiar sound of my dads slippers on the carpet of the hall as he carefully opened my bedroom door in front me. He looked terrible. He had had to pick me up from the hospital earlier, since nobody else could calm me down and I had woke him up with my screaming many times through the night. "Are you ok love, do you want me to sit in here with you, or get you a drink or something?" He asked carefully, I had snapped at him too many times tonight. 

"I'm fine. Go back to bed." I replied, my voice dry and horse. He looked like he was going to protest, but instead bowed his head and left, shutting the door behind him. He knew that him staying would just make me uncomfortable, I am a proud person, and he knew because I got it from him. And I knew if he stayed he would share this discomfort. 

I was tired but I couldn't face the nightmares anymore so I just sat and cried silently to myself.


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