The unnoticed

Tay's best friend was everything to her, and life without her is unbearable. But how didn't she notice, how didn't she see what was happening to her best friend before it was too late.


1. Hospital

Everything was over, especially her life. I stood leaning against the window, all thoughts and feelings of time from my exhausted mind, my only thoughts on her. I could hear the beeps of monitors like a distant buzzing from a far away universe. Soon the beeping would become a single note, that would be the end of multiple peoples lives. The precipitation on the window pane ran down my face, as all thoughts left my mind. I was awake but not feeling, my eyes were open but not seeing. All reality slipped from me as the precipitation ran from my chin. I stood against the window until a hand was placed onto my shoulder. "It's time to go, we need to go home." I didn't dignify her statement with a response, I didn't have to go anywhere. I didn't know if I could. "Please Taylor, not today, not now, we need to go home." I turned around sharply and looked dead into her eyes. I saw a broken mother, who's age had doubled tonight, and feelings had darkened just as much. My legs trembled underneath me, no more rapid movements. She was begging me not asking, I was being selfish, she was in just as much pain as I was. I walked in front of her, struggling to see and to remain standing. I could feel the eyes on me, the sympathetic and the curious. They were expecting me to go into the room, but I couldn't. I couldn't see her how she is, I just couldn't. I could feel everyone judging me as I walked straight past the room, the door left slightly ajar. "Do you want to say goodbye?" The nurse asked. "No." I replied rudely. And I continued to drag myself to the lift, slowly and shakily. "Do you want some help?" The nurse asked.

"No, thank you I am fine." I replied, trying to keep my voice steady."

"Are you sure, you look a bit unsteady?" She persisted

"I said i am fine!" I yelled as i spun to face her. As I shouted by voice cracked and tears started to run down my face rapidly, as desperate to escape as I was. The rapid turn shook me and I lost balance, falling to the floor like a broken doll. Screaming filled my ears and I covered my ears to hide from it. It didn't do much so I curled up tightly, tears dampening my jeans. I could tell people were panicking around me, trying to get me to stop but I couldn't, I had lost control, just like she had.

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