Why me?(liam payne fanfic)

Britney has a really hard life no one understands her she's special but not in a bad way or a good way so when she meets one direction will her abilities get in the way of her love for liam


2. The concert

Liams POV:

It was right before the concert and i was playing on my phone when Niall sat next to me."Hey mate i hear the girls that one backsage passes are pretty hot" Niall said.I punched his arm and kept playing on my phone.I dropped my phone and ran out on stage with the rest of the boys."hello Los Angeles" Harry yelled and the croud went crazy."You're insicure don't know what for" I sang.The concert lasted 2 hours then we went backstage to meet the fans who had passes."Hi" I said to one of the girls she had beautiful eyes and perfect blonde hair."Hi I'm Britney" She said as she shook my hand."Get out of here" I heard harry yell."What" Britney said while running over to her friend."This idiot tried to kiss me" Harry said."No I swear I just tripped" Her friend yelled."Whats wrong with you Harry you're such a pervert Madisons only 13" Britney yelled."Then isn't she a little young to be a hooker" Harry yelled.I saw Britney's light blue eyes turn jet black."I would slap you right now but that would be animal abuse" Britney yelled."Who are you talking to me or your friend" Harry yelled."come on Madison Jake is probably worried" I said as Madison and I started to walk away."Wait up" Liam yelled while grabbing my wrist."What" I asked."Heres my number call me" I said while handing her my number as she walked out.

Britney's POV:

"Ok madison tell Jake i'll call him in the morning" I said to Madison as I dropped her off.In case you're wondering Jake is my boyfriend and Madison is his little sister.I drove home and slammed the front door behind me."So how was the concert" My dad asked.I told him what happened as I took my meds."You almost went off on him" My dad yelled."He called Madison an angel a dog" I yelled."You need to control your temper" My dad yelled."You're right" I agreed as i walked up to bed.I entered Liams number in my phone and pressed the call button."Hello" Liam said."Hi Liam its Britney" I said."Oh Britney Harry's Really sorry about today'no i'm not'" I heard harry yell."I gotta go to bed I'll call you tomorrow" I said as i hung up my phone.

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