Why me?(liam payne fanfic)

Britney has a really hard life no one understands her she's special but not in a bad way or a good way so when she meets one direction will her abilities get in the way of her love for liam


4. Specail students

Britneys POV:

I woke up and I had gone into wolf form at some point durring the night it must have been my dream it was horrible

I was running and running but I didn't know what from i heard wispering in my ear it said i'm coming Britney for you.I just kept running he got into my brain mixed up my thoughts."Go away" I yelled."Britney He's coming don't let him do to you as he did to us" I heard Safra scream.A dark figure apeared in front of me so i stopped."I've found you britney" It said."Britney why why did you leave me with him" I heard Madison yell."madison Madison" I yelled looking for her.The dark figure came closer."what did you do to Madison" I yelled."She's long gone" He laughed his laugh was firmiliar yes yes it was him the son of the man who killed my mother it was Blake."Blake I'm stronger than you now stay away" I yelled."thats what you think" Blake yelled as the lights turned on to expose the hung dead bodies of anyone i ever loved."you monster I yelled."You should have joined me when you had the chance" Blake yelled

end of dream

"Woah wolfie" I heard Lexy say.I changed back into a human,brushed my hair,got dressed,and did my make up.I grabbed my bag and sprinted out of my room to the cafe and ordered breakfast.I was sitting with the girls and drinking coffie when Liam walked in."Hey Britney" Liam said."Oh hey Liam I can't talk long I have to go to class soon" I said."Oh what school are you going to" Liam asked."The boarding school about a block away" I said pointing in the direction of the school."I thought that place was abandon" Liam said.I felt someone grab my arm and pull me into the bathroom,it was Lexy."Did you tell him about the school" Lexy asked.I nodded."You can't tell outsiders about the school" Lexy explained."Yeah" Safra butted in."where did you come from" I asked."The tap remember elementals can change into thier element" Safra explained."Oh yeah" I said looking at my watch."We gotta get to class" I said walking out of the cafe.I walked to a door with the number 5 on it and walked in."Hello Britney" I heard a voice say it was the teacher."Hello Mr.Berns" I said looking around at the small class that looked more like a lab."Hey you exited to become more then we already are" a girl said."yeah sure what class is this" I asked."well a few lucky students who can do what others can't with thier abilities get extra abilities like shifters also becoming elementals" She explained."Oh I'm Britney" I said."I'm Ella" She said shaking my hand."So Ella are you a shifter or a telapathic" I asked because she looked nothing like an elamental."I'm actualy a water elemental but i dyed my hair and I wear colored contacts" Ella explained."Cool I'm a shifter" I said."I could tell by the way your eyes dart around like a wolves" Ella said."Well I am part wolf so you guessed right" I said and we both started laughing."Hey you should meet the girls" Ella said as we walked over to a group of 4 girls."girls this is Britney,Britney this is Allison,Victoria AKA Tori,Jade,and Lia" Ella said they all waved."Britney you should come hang out with us after class" Tori sugested."Um sure" I said as I felt an arm grab me and pull me over to one of the tables and put some drops in my ear."Um what elemental will that make me" I asked."Whatever Element your instincts choose" The teacher explained.I nodded and returned to my group."Ok if you become a mutt like the rest of us then you wont run to one of the other groups right" Allison asked."What do you mean other groups" I asked."Well there are groups for abilities like the fire elamentals strong,athletic,backstabbers and then there's the water elamentals kind,beautiful,powerful,good friends to have then the earth elamentals strong,quiet,keep to themselves but always have your back then the air free,outgoing,and never afraid to share thier opinion then there's the shifters the dog/wolf shifters are smart,loyal,fast,and will do anything for thier friends the cat shifters are sneaky,beautiful,sleek,fast,thives the reptile shifters are slick,sneaky,unpridictable,poisinious but good  people to know then last the bird group who are free,understanding and always ready to lift up a friend thenthe telapathics mostly keep to themselves but love to pull a good prank" Ella explained."I don't think I would leave you guys so hoow long is the school day" I asked."Well for us this is our only class but the rest of the school gets out at three" Tori explained then the bell rang and everyone went in different directions the girls and I decided to meat at the dinner about 2 blocks away in 2 hours. then I bumped into someone."Oh sorry" I said the girl had blazing red hair that was orange and yellow at the tips and her eyes were bright red."No it's fine I didnt't look where I was going my name is Claire" She said."you're a fire elamental" I said.she nodded."well see you around" Claire said as she ran over to a group of fire elamentals.I ran to my dorm and took a shower.I then did mey make up and ran to the CVS at the end of the street.I was looking at some traveling stuff when i felt someone spin me around."Liam" I yelled as I threw my arms around him.

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