Why me?(liam payne fanfic)

Britney has a really hard life no one understands her she's special but not in a bad way or a good way so when she meets one direction will her abilities get in the way of her love for liam


3. Shifters,Elementals,Telapathics

"Britney come down here i got another dilevery from the lab" My dad yelled.It has been a month scence the enjections and I have been living off of different foods that the lab sent us to help me prepair for training so i don't go crazy and start killing people or get killed."Cool what did the lab send us today" I asked."directions to the training facility so go pac your stuff we leave in half an hour" my dad said as i ran up stairs.The training facility is where people like me learn to control our powers and also advance them.I grabbed my suit case and my purse and ran out to the car.The drive wasn't long and the facility was like a boarding school for mutants some people had physcal abilitys and others had mental abilitys like mind control and stuff.I got out of the car and checked myself in and went to my dorm number 407."Hi I'm your roomate" I heard a voice behind me say.I turned around and say a girl with neon blue eyes and blue hair."I take it you are a water elamental" I said while shaking her hand."yeah i'm Safra" She said while shaking my hand."Is that short for Safire" I asked."yeah" Safra said."whats it like being an elemental" I asked."Its ok what's it like being a shifter" She asked."it's ok if you can control your temper" I laughed."So our other roomate must be a telapathic" Safra said."I guess so" I said they would never mix people of the same abilities in the same dorms because they would get taratorial and tear the room apart."Hi I'm your roomate" I heard a timid voice behind me say."Hi I'm Britney and thats Safra" I said."My name's Lexy" she said."Well don't be shy come on we'll help you unpack" I said as I grabbed her bags."Thanks but I don't need help I'm a telapathic" she said.She unziped her bags then just let her brain do all the lifting and moving and she finnished packing in 45 seconds."wow cool" I said."yeah it's kinda cool but not nearly as cool as being a shifter like you" She said."I woud kill to be telapathic" Safra said."Are you kidding I would way rather be elemental" I said."So how does one become telapathic" Safra asked."Well you need to take these meds that help your brain reach full potential" She explained."How did you become elemental" I asked Safra."I used some wierd ear drops and once they got to my brain they changed me into an eleamental" Safra said."How did you become a shifter" Lexy asked."I got a wolf gean injected into me then s gean bonding agent and i needed to take some pills that helped me apear normal" I said while lieing down on my bed."Shift for us please" they begged."Fine" I said as i stimulated my apearence into a large black wolf with dark black eyes.The girls aplauded as I changed back."Now you guys show me your abilities.Safra got up and walked to the bathroom and turned on the water and when she came back out there was a floating ball of water levatating in front of her.Then Lexy read our minds and mentaly comunicated with us."Cool" Safra and I said at the same time.We spent the rest of the day talking and hangung out and then went to bed exited for what tomorrow would bring us.

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