Why me?(liam payne fanfic)

Britney has a really hard life no one understands her she's special but not in a bad way or a good way so when she meets one direction will her abilities get in the way of her love for liam


7. Plot

Britney's POV:
I woke up to jade hitting me in the face with a pillow."the professor wants to see us" Jade yelled.I rolled off the bed and changed into a simple outfit."you ready" lia asked."yeah" I said.The girls and I walked to the office where we saw the principal talking to Liam."hello girls sorry to disturb you on your day off but this young man requested that he bring you guys on tour" the principal said."Liam can we speak with you a moment" I said.Liam walked over to me and the girls."Girls do you wanna go" I asked."can we all come" Ella asked Liam."sure" Liam said.We all nodded."have you guys decided what to do" the principal asked me."yes we would like to join Liam on tour" I said."ok meet your professor to do some preparations" the principal said.We walked to our class and saw the professor."hello girls" the professor said."hello professor" I said."here I'm gonna miss you girls" the professor said handing us our stuff."we'll miss you too" I said.The girls and I led Liam to our dorm and started packing."so what kind of school is this" Liam asked."wait he doesn't know what we can do" Jade asked."what can you do" Liam asked.I sighed."should I show him" I asked the girls.They all nodded.I changed into a wolf."what" Liam said.I changed back."Liam this was why I told you I couldn't go on tour with you" I said."oh.my.god." Liam said."Jade you owe me twenty bucks" Ella yelled.I rolled my eyes."so yeah,we're military mutants" I said while smiling."what else can you do" Liam asked.I looked at jade who shot some water out of her fingertips.We grabbed our bags and ran outside into the rain."yo jade could you help with this" I asked.Jade held the water away from us and we ran to the car."off to the airport" Liam said.Liam started the car and we began driving."this is gonna be awesome" I said.The girls and I looked at each other."Liam,you know we can literally fly to Italy in half the time" I said."oh well can you teleport" Liam asked."ummm I guess,if we all create a temporary wormhole and ripple it so the rest of one direction can pass through" I said."let's do that the boys are at nandos" Liam said.we drove to nandos and met the boys."aw naw get that hell hound and her pack of deamon dogs out of here" Harry said."I'm a hell hound and you've seen me twice so next time you see me you will meet an untimely death" I said.Harry gave me a confused look."a hell hound was a three headed dog that guarded the gates of hell and if you see the same one three times you die" I explained."oh" Harry said."ok girls lets try the wormhole" I said.we all focused on the same spot and created a portal."now go through,this is starting to hurt" I said.They all quickly pushed through and so did the girls and I.
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