Why me?(liam payne fanfic)

Britney has a really hard life no one understands her she's special but not in a bad way or a good way so when she meets one direction will her abilities get in the way of her love for liam


8. New abilities

Brittany's POV:
The girls and I were walking to our hotel with the boys when Harry tripped tori.My head spun around and I snapped at him.Harry backed away slowly and the hotel came into view."come on guys,we need to get to the hotel" Liam said.Liam ran ahead and we all followed.We checked into the pent house and ran up there."the girls and I need to share a room" I said."why" Zayn asked."because we're a pack and when we're separated we get anxieties" I explained."but we don't have enough room,can't you guys like transform into a smaller animal" Harry asked."I don't know" I said.I pulled out my phone and asked the professor,I hung up and looked around."the professor says that we need to unlock different abilities,like a video game" I said."and if it's like a video game than there must be cheats,hacks,and glitches" Ella said."yeah" I said."that is confusing" Harry said."I figured out a cheat" I said."what is it" Ella asked.I exhaled smoothly and put my hand on the wall.The energy flowed through me."Ella give me your hand" I said.Ella grabbed my hand and I gave her a quick jolt."I think it worked" Ella said.Ella transformed into a lioness."that is awesome,give me some" jade said.I jolted all the girls and we transformed into a pride of lionesses."that's good but if you could become something smaller that would be great" Niall said.The girls and I curled into balls and transformed into little hedgehogs and looked up at the boys with bead-like eyes."awwwww" the boys said at the same time."can we hold you guys" Liam asked while kneeling on the floor."yeah" I said.Liam picked me up and held me with both hands.I curled up into a ball and looked at the other girls who were all being held."this is awesome" Harry said.I looked around and buried my nose into Liam's sweatshirt."awww,it likes me" Liam said.I looked up at him with wide eyes."awwwww,do you wanna sleep in my room tonight" Liam asked.I curled up and relaxed.Liam lifted me up to his face."can you please sleep in my room" Liam asked.I looked at the girls and they gave me an approving look."okay" I said."then we can sleep in rooms with the others right" Harry asked.I nodded."I wanna watch a movie" Allison said."toy story" Liam yelled."ow,Liam we're long eared hedgehogs,use your inside voice" I said."oh sorry" Liam said.We all went to the couch and started watching the movie.I crawled out of Liam's hands and got into a tightly packed group."I'm gonna go to bed,come on Brittany" Liam said.liam picked me up and walked me into his room.I jumped on one of his pillows and curled up."ha cute" Liam said.Liam tossed off his shirt and changed into a pair of pajama pants.Liam crawled into bed and stared at me.good night" I said."you too" Liam said.I fell asleep
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