Why me?(liam payne fanfic)

Britney has a really hard life no one understands her she's special but not in a bad way or a good way so when she meets one direction will her abilities get in the way of her love for liam


9. Movie day

Brittany's POV: I woke up and saw Liam sleeping peacefully."Liam wake up" I said.Liam rolled over.I changed into a tiger and put my paws on his shoulders."five more minutes" Liam said.I growled quietly.Liam jumped out of bet."I'm up" Liam said.I snickered and walked out of our room.Jade was a Tasmanian devil and she was chasing Alison who was a lemur holding jades phone.Tori was a macaw perched on the couch.Ella was a squirrel running around the kitchen.Lia was sitting peacefully on Harry's lap as a kitten.I rolled my eyes and jumped on the couch."oh my god" Harry said while jumping back.I smirked.Alison jumped on my back and held jade's phone over her head.I rolled over and began crushing Alison.Alison changed into a baby tiger and crawled infront of me.I pulled her close to me and licked her head."could you guys please change back to humans" Niall asked."no" I said.I changed into a ferrit and crawled onto Liam's shoulder when he walked out of our room."awwwww" Liam said while petting my head.I jumped off his shoulders and walked into my room.I changed back into a human and tossed on some sweat pants and a pink t-shirt.I walked out of my room and jumped on Liam's back."piggie back ride,bitches" I yelled.Liam ran around the apartment."I want food" Niall yelled."then order room service" I said.Niall ran over to the phone and ordered,litteraly,one of everything.Liam walked me to the kitchen and put me on the counter."you're so cute when you're a human" Liam said.I kissed Liam and Liam kissed back.I tried to part from the kiss but Liam wouldn't let me,he just held me there and kept kissing me,he just wouldn't let go.There was a knock at the door and Liam pulled apart from the kiss.I jumped off the counter and ran away."hey,get back here" Liam yelled while chasing after me."no" I replied.I ran into our room and hid in the closet.Liam opened the closet and threw me over his shoulder.Liam tossed me on the bed and continued our make out session.Liam would not let go."Liam stop" I whispered.Liam stopped."sorry" Liam said." It's ok" I said while rubbing Liam's back."can we go get breakfast" Liam asked."yeah" I said.Liam stood up."carry me" I said.Liam picked me up bridal style and walked us out to the eating area."hey" I said."hi" Niall said.We all sat down and ate."guys lets have a movie day" I said.We all ran to the TV area and sat down.I transformed into a tiger.Liam rested his head on my stomach and I curled my head around onto his lap.We sat and started watching the lion king.

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