Why me?(liam payne fanfic)

Britney has a really hard life no one understands her she's special but not in a bad way or a good way so when she meets one direction will her abilities get in the way of her love for liam


6. fools

Britneys POV:

"Don't worry we wont hurt you" Zayn sayn said."you wont hurt me if I had bitten any harder I would have broken harrys shoulder" I yelled."Babe no you wouldn't have" Harry laughed."You fools you gave me enough time to restore my energy and now you will all die" I yelled as I wolfed up.I howeled and I heard a reply then I starte barking at the boys."Wait she's part dog right" Harry asked as he ran out of the room."yeah" Louis replied when harry walked back in."a dog will do anything for a chew toy" Harry said as he pulled out a squeaky toy but i wasn't that stupid then Tori,Ella,Allison,Jade,and Lia noe the whole pack was here but our fur was different mine was black with jolts of purple and yellow,Tori's was like fire,Lia's was like the wind blowing,Jade's was a beautiful oceanic color,and Ellas was a green brown like the earth."Looks like the whole packs here" I said."Holy shit talking magical wolves" Harry yelled."yes and sadly now that you know we kinda have to kill you sorry" Tori said.I then lost power and went back to human but I looked differen my hair was purple yellow color and you could see streaks of lightning in my eyes,all of the girls formed a wall around me as though they knew what the boys had done."Tori take Britney to our dorms we'll meet you there soon" Jade comanded and Tori threw me on her back and started to run down the street toards the school then Liam came out of no where."Liam" I said as Tori came to a halt."b-b-Britney" Liam studdered.I looked around and saw the school was right in front of us."Liam I-I" I studdered.Liam shook his head and walked away.It started to snowand I felt Tori's fur warm up so I hugged her tighter.We stopped at an unfirmiliar dorm it was much larger than my old one and all my stuff was sitting next to one of the beds."Tori whats going on" I asked."Well we are kinda like a pack now and a pack needs to stick together so they moved us into our own dorm" Tori explained."Cool" I said as I started to unpack."Whats this" I asked pointig to a box on my bed."Your  bed sheets" Tori explained.I pulled the out of the box it had a picture of a wolf pack howling into a lightning filled sky."Cool" I said.After I finished unpacking the girls walked in."Hey what happened" I asked Jade."Well we took pity on them snd left shortly after you did and we got some chinese take out" Jade explained then she tossed me a box with some rice,orang chicken,and a fortune cookie.

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