Why me?(liam payne fanfic)

Britney has a really hard life no one understands her she's special but not in a bad way or a good way so when she meets one direction will her abilities get in the way of her love for liam


5. come with us?

Britneys POV:

"How have you been blue eyes" Liam asked."Good how abou you" I replied."I'm ok we leave for Italy tomorow" Liam sadly confessed."Thats depressing" I said."Listen Britney we haven't known each other long but I feel like I've known you forever so I wanted to ask you will you come with us" Liam said his brown eyes looking into me."No Liam I can't I have school" I said."You can homeschool like we do" Liam begged."No Liam that wont work you don't know what I can do" I explained."I probably don't but I've never felt this way about anyone before please come with us" Liam begged."Liam no" I said I was holding back the tears."Well can I at least get a good explination on why  you can't go" Liam asked."Liam I can't tell you why because I don't want to hurt you or you getting hurt."But-" "No Liam you have to beive me this is for your own good" I cut him off and then ran back to the school."Wait" Liam yelled.Great now I can't go back to the schoool or else the entire plan will get messed up so I took a shortcut through an ally and Liam didn't follow me.I just sat there and wondered how liam felt then a noise snapped me out of my thoughts it sounded like a cat and no I didn't want to wolf up and chase it don't be so shallow."Hello is anyone there" I yelled and I say 4 guys come out of the darkness."Stay back you don't know what I'm capable of" I yelled."It's ok Britney we just wanted to bring you with us" I heard Louis say."Louis is that you bring me where" I yelled."well of course on tour with us babe" Harry said."listen I can't" I explained."Well then I guess we'll have to do this the hard way" Niall sighed."What are you talking about" I asked."Well If you wont come with willingly we'll kinda have to kidnap you" Zayn explained."Ok you can try I'll even be nice and give you a 5 second head start" I said.The boys just smirked."1...2....3....4....5" I said then I started to run I had mannaged to get myself to run like a wolf but not apear like one so I kept running then I heard the boys whispering but they weren't behind me."Ok you guys cut across and cut her off then Louis and I will tie her up and gag her" I heard harry whisper.I thought for a moment then I saw a ladder on the side of an apartment building so I started to climb and whe I got to the top I looked down and I saw harry and the rest of the boys at the bottom and louis giving directions but I couldn't hear them so I started running and found a ladder at the other side of the building and Niall climbing up it I had to think fast maby if I wolf up i could hide but it was to late Niall and louis were both on the roof and the other boys were coming up."Looks like we caught you" Louis said."Looks can be deciving" I said then I wolfed up.The boys stood there in silence and I snapped at louis and he backed away and started to climb down the ladder as did Niall and eventualy I was alone so i went back to human then I felt something grab me it was harry he bicked me up and carried me over his shoulder"you should have come with me when you had the chance" Harry said and my eyes went wide.I needed to escape but I didn't have enough energy to wolf up but I did rember that if I'm part wolf then my bite force must be about 200 pounds per squair inch."I bite when I feel threatened and I feel threatened" I yelled."you wouldn't" Harry said.I smirked and bit his shoulder and I bit it hard.Harry dropped me and I got up but i couldn't run but then I rembered my elamental poweres and tried to activate them I felt the color course through my eyes and change my hair."Woah look at her she looks crazy" louis yelled."Yeah I like girls with blue eyes but not that blue" Niall yelled."Hey I thought you liked redheads" Zayn asked.what blue eyes and red hair what did that mean well whatever that meant something useful.I created a spark and another then I had almost a spark ball."stay back I don't want to have to use this" I yelled but they didnt listen and louis and niall grabbed my arms now my abilities wouldn't help so I gave up and the boys tied me up so I couldn't run then Louis picked me up bridal style and walked me to thier house."now I will ask you one more time will you join us on tour or not" Louis said as he tied me to a chair."no where's Liam" I yelled."well then looks like you left me no choice" Harry said as he took off his shrt."What are you doing" I said more confused than worried."

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