Why me?(liam payne fanfic)

Britney has a really hard life no one understands her she's special but not in a bad way or a good way so when she meets one direction will her abilities get in the way of her love for liam


1. Experaments

Britneys POV:

"Britney let's go" My dad yelled as we left the house."Where are we going again" I asked."To milatary lab 7" My dad said.My dad worked for the goverment to help with milatary advances so today we had to go help with an emergincy experament.Lets talk about me I have long blonde hair and light blue eyes I always painted my nails a ceramic silver my dad has worked for the goverment sence i was 12 i am 19 now so he has worked for them for 7 years and today he was going to help wit a human animal gean combining experement."We're here" My dad said as he parked outside an old abandon building."Hello Mr.Bresten" Said the lady at the counter as my dad and i walked into the building."Good morning Julie" My dad said while handing her his ID card.We walked into a room that had the finest military lab equiptment."Hello Stan" Said a man in a white lab coat."Hello Danny" Said my dad as he shook Danny's hand ."This is my daughter Britney" My dad said jesturing to me."Hello" I said cheerfully while shaking Danny's hand."just sit on the table and we willl give you a few small injections" Dan.ny said.I obeyed and gave my dad the what is he talking about look."I kinda said you would be a guinnie pig for a small experament" My dad said."dad you need to stop doing this" I complained."Are you ready" Danny asked while holding my arm."Yeah" I said i then felt a small pain in my shoulder."what was that" I asked."That was wolf geans and the next injection will be a gean combining liquid" Danny said."So what is this supost to make me like a werewolf or something" I joked."Kinda" Danny said as he gave me the last injection."Now give her 2 a day 1 in the morning and 1 at night and call me in a few days" Danny said as he gave my dad a bottle of pills.We walked out and i felt the warm air against my skin and i felt an animal instinct sweep over me so i grabed my dads arm and squeezed it i felt the need to run and be free like a wolf."dad what kind of animal gean was that" I asked."Wolf i think" My dad responded i nodded and breatherd in heavaly.We got in the car and drove home silently.When we got home i ran to the door and walked into the kitche and looked at the clock that said it was about 9 PM.I walked into the bathroom to take a shower and noticed that my arms and legs were harrier  than usual so I decided to shave my legs and arms after i took a shower.After i showered and shaved i just went to bed.

the next morning

I got out of bed and looked in the mirrior and screamed.I had hair all over me then my dad barged in."Britney did you take one of those pills last night" My dad asked as he handed me a pill and a glass of water."no" I said as i took the pill the hair started to go away but my animal instinct didn't."Well the pills are suppost to help you controll your phisacal and mental form" My dad said."Well lets see if they work" I said as i ran to the garrage and pressed a button that brought me to an under ground room that had metal walls."Ok try to wolf up" My dad said.I got myself mad and i tried to phisacly change and it worked i changed into a large black wolf but i still had the mind of a human but not the instinct."Wonderful but you undrstand you can't tell anyone about this" My dad said as i changed back into human form."I know dad and even if i did no one would belive me" I said as we left the room to go have breakfast."so you know what tomarrow is" My dad asked as i started scarfing down bacon.I shook my head no."Tomorrow is the one direction concert that you won front row seats and backstage passes to" My dad said.I got up from the table took my dads wallet and my car keys and left to go shopping.I bought a red single sleved dress,a pair of red pumps,and a black purse.When i got home it was really late so i took my pill and went to bed.

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