Luciana, daughter of the light and the dark, is on the run from the dark, especially the dark lord; Lucifer. On earth she meats a son of the light; Jess. The clueless, but trustworthy angel.
Jess doesn't know about Lucianas escape from the Underworld, and as clueless as he is, he doesn't realize why Luciana is on the run all the time, before he is meeting another brother of the light, there is telling him the truth.
What will happen between Luciana and Jess? Is it love, or is the hate from the old legends between hell and heaven?


4. Power

“Are you insane?!” I yelled at the Angel. The Angel was sitting on the ground, with a hand on his wound on his shoulder.

“What’s that’s supposed to mean?!” He yelled back.

“‘What that’s supposed to mean?’ My ass! You could have been punished if your Lord found out!”

“So you mean I should just had been still and see you get beaten the shit out?!”

“Like hell he would, he would make unconscious and bring be back to Luc,”

Now the Angel looked like a big question mark.

“Luc?” he asked.

“That’s what I call him, instead of My Lord or Lucifer. But that have nothing to do with the case! I could take him on my own, and didn’t need your help. I wouldn’t escape the Underworld if I didn’t have the power to defend myself!” Too soon to realize what had come out my mouth, I had said, I had escaped the Underworld, how would he react?!

“Oh, I could see that! How the hell can you do spells of Light?!”

I sighed; thank Luc he didn’t ask about it.

“None of your damn business.” 

I turned around and began to walk.

“Hey! Your fault my arm is injured, give me a hand!” he yelled at me. Technically it wasn’t, but I still got a bad conscious.

I turned back and sat on one knee and a hand over his wound. “Olkjo (Heal),” I whispered.

I could feel the sensation of light coming through me, and out in my palm.

The wound began to heal under my palm, and turned after a little while, into a fine white line where the wound had been.

“What the Heavens!” He yelled.

I sighed again and looked at him.

“What know?” I asked tired.

“W...w.why do..o..o you have the power of an Angel?!” He looked confused, scared and had a little look in his eyes that he wanted to know more.  An Angel or Demon can’t use its own powers on them self.

I stood up and turned around.

I looked around me; I needed to be on guard. The first demon probably sent a signal around telling me where I was. And then they would come here. I need to leave town.

“What’s your name?” I asked, and looked behind me to find the Angel looking at me with a look there said; this is interesting.
“Jess,” He answered with a smirk. I didn’t know if this was going to be a really big sacrifice, or help but.
“Jess, I need your help,” I smiled a little when I saw my reflection in his eyes. I looked like a really sad girl.

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