Luciana, daughter of the light and the dark, is on the run from the dark, especially the dark lord; Lucifer. On earth she meats a son of the light; Jess. The clueless, but trustworthy angel.
Jess doesn't know about Lucianas escape from the Underworld, and as clueless as he is, he doesn't realize why Luciana is on the run all the time, before he is meeting another brother of the light, there is telling him the truth.
What will happen between Luciana and Jess? Is it love, or is the hate from the old legends between hell and heaven?


2. Mr. Angel

I was on guard; I would not let an Angel get me on the first day I was out. It may only have been about half an hour since I left the underworld that was enough time for mom to get to Lucifer, who would sent a message to the whole Underworld, and send some after me, and in the meantime some from Heaven to get after me. It would be shameful to be dragged back to the Underworld by the Angels, and not by a Demon.
“And what is an Angel doing on earth?” I asked right back at him. I took on a bitchy face.
The Angel smirked at me: “I asked the questions first, Mrs. Demon,” he said.
“Well Mr. Angel. I’m not going to answer you,”
“Aw, what a shame, I really wanted to know,” he smirked back at me.
What was this Angel? I had heard that Angels was like demons on personality, besides the; We make peace in the world, no more war, only love.

I began walking away from him, but found myself being stalked by him.
“What do YOU want?!” I hissed without turning around to look at him.
“See what you are up to,” he answered, and I could imagine him with a smirk on his lips.

“None of your danm business.”

 The wind took a turn and the wind came from behind suddenly. I could smell the Demon behind us. How long had he been there? I yell inside myself, for not realizing it, how did I believe I could survive in the human world cased, when I couldn’t even realize I was followed.

Mr. Angel didn’t say anything. Could he not have smelled the smell, which also was unbelievable.

I made a sharp turn and pleaded the Angel to hide. I myself didn’t and just stared at towards the end of the ally.

“Show yourself!” I called out. Too late I realized that the Angel hadn’t hide, and instead just stood there and looked confused.

The Demon came towards us, not threatening, but in a scary mood.

 “Luciana,” the Demon lisped, “should follow me. Lucifer waiting, not angry…  Yet.”

 “You know well I don’t want to follow,” I said clearly back, with a glance at the Angel. Why didn’t he hide?!

“Luciana,” the Demon lisped again, with a begging sound.


The Demon tuned from friendly to scary: “You should have said Yes, know I have to make damage to you,” He said and spread out his wings.

I jumped to the side, and hit the Angel with me out of sight from the Demon.

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