Luciana, daughter of the light and the dark, is on the run from the dark, especially the dark lord; Lucifer. On earth she meats a son of the light; Jess. The clueless, but trustworthy angel.
Jess doesn't know about Lucianas escape from the Underworld, and as clueless as he is, he doesn't realize why Luciana is on the run all the time, before he is meeting another brother of the light, there is telling him the truth.
What will happen between Luciana and Jess? Is it love, or is the hate from the old legends between hell and heaven?


3. Fight

When we were lying there on the ground, I gave him a headflick.

“Why didn’t you listen to me?!” I whispered angry.

“Thought he was a friend of yours,” the Angel answered me again confused.


I stood up, and looked at him again for a moment, and told him to stay hidden.

I went out so the Demon could see me. He smirked at me, and began mumbling for himself. A spell: “Shinik Nuhju Tjem HUK! (The sword of the Night, Come!)” There was a pitch black hole in the midair, witch transformed to a sword of black light. I myself didn’t summon something. I knew I couldn’t win over him with black magic, so my only option was white, which I couldn’t use because of the Angel.

The Demon came at me; the sword was ready to slice right into me. I dodge it, by jumping to the side and make a turn in midair, to balance my feet right again, on the ground. I had trained myself in self-defense since I was small.

The Demon changed direction while he was on the run, know I know why he was one of Lucifer’s guards. He had something in his sleeves. I dodged again this time I used some of my Demonic powers to jump three meters over the ground, and to meter cross it, to land on a container. The Demon followed.


After sometime dodging and out of breath, both of us. I didn’t see another option.  Right when I was about to call my powers the Angel came forth with his own White Light Sword. He shouldn’t be attacking! He have nothing to do with this, and if God got a word that he had been fighting a Demon without permission then he would be punished!

“No!” I called, but it didn’t help the Angel. Instead the Demon turned around and sliced him in the arm. The Angel slid down to the ground, and the Demon was about to attack him again. I kicked the Demon, hard, in the side so he got pushed away from the Angel, so that I could get him away. I didn’t make it far, but enough. I could hear the Demon come closer and, then I didn’t care about the Angel was there: “Shinik Nuhju Avik HUK! (The sword of the sun, Come!)”


I turned around and in front of me a blinding light came forth, and transformed to a sword of white light. The Demon didn’t stop, but I didn’t expect it to, he must have been informed about my two sided magic. The Demon came forth with such power it was hard to block. I laid all my strength in, to push him away, and sliced his head off. I gasped after air, and turned to look at the Angel.


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