Luciana, daughter of the light and the dark, is on the run from the dark, especially the dark lord; Lucifer. On earth she meats a son of the light; Jess. The clueless, but trustworthy angel.
Jess doesn't know about Lucianas escape from the Underworld, and as clueless as he is, he doesn't realize why Luciana is on the run all the time, before he is meeting another brother of the light, there is telling him the truth.
What will happen between Luciana and Jess? Is it love, or is the hate from the old legends between hell and heaven?


1. The Escape

I ran. I could see the rocks fly by me.

I dared to look behind me, was it a shadow I could see? Or was it a rock? I couldn’t remember running cross a rock like that. I looked forward again, to see the light I had been longing for, for so long. About a meter from the light I heard a voice call my name, sounded a lot like my mom, but it didn’t stop me. I almost jumped out of the cave like hole, and into the light.

I was blinded, but it didn’t make me stop. It was not all that could leave the cave as the pleased, only I, who I had thought was strange when I was small, but know I was grateful.  After some time I slowed down, to a jogging tempo, to a walk. It took some time for me to realize, that I was in some city somewhere.

People around me looked strange towards me. It took me some time to realize why; my clothes was wrong. I hadn’t changed to human clothes, because that would have been abnormal, and the others would have realized what I was doing. The clothes that I had on now were cape-like dress in black, with long sleeves and a hood. I looked panicked around and found a cloth store witch I ran into.

There were many people inside; all wore black with purple or red. Nice scored! I thought when I realized that it was my taste. I went around looking at the cloth, I got some looks around here and there, but not any I couldn’t ignore. 

A set of cloth had I been hiding inside all the ones I took down. I went to the fitting room, but instead trying them on, I took out the hidden ones to but on inside of my cape. I was in the fitting room for about ten minutes when I went out with a disappointing face. One of the shop workers came over; she looked a little suspicion on me, and asked me what was wrong. I turned her down a tossed the clothes to her, and went silent out of the shop, with some looks again here and there.

 Outside I found an ally to hide in. I took off the cape-like dress, and then I stood there like a hot Emo-chick.
“What are a demon doing on earth?” I heard an unknown voice. I tuned all my 360 degrees around without finding anyone. And who would know I was a demon? Ridiculous; I must be paranoid after I left.

“I’m up. I’m not stupid to be on the same level as a demon,” the voice said again.
I looked up, and there he was. He was beautiful! Blond hair, cloth in light colors witch only made him even more perfect for my perspective. I gasped after air, after holding it in for some time, and then the smell hit me like a wall; the scent of an Angel.

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