the star and the sun

14 years ago, a baby with a strange birthmark was left outside a care home. She was named Star and her birthmark might bring some people to her life.


2. 14 years later...

Star was standing on a dark place. It looked like a graveyard, but it was too dark to be sure. A woman in a tunic walked to her. She said something in an unknown language, but Star could understand it was a warning. A black figure was behind her and she started running. She ran but she was soon cornered against a wall. She screamed...


She woke up screaming like almost every night. Her roommate Summer, a year or so older than her, woke up like every night.

"What's wrong?" she screamed

"Nothing, go back to sleep"

"Another nightmare?"


"Star you should seriously do something to stop it... I don't know, sleeping pills"

"Go back to sleep Summer"



"Star wake up... Star wake up..." Summer was singing in Star's ear like every morning.

"Let me sleep" Star said, still half asleep

"It's the first day of school Star get up now!" she yelled

"Ok I'm up" Star said

"Ok your new uniform is on the chair there get dressed and let's go for breakfast"

Star looked at the uniform. A dark red burberry skirt, a white blouse, black shoes, long socks and a TIE. She hated ties. Another thing to dread the new school.

"Dress up" Summer said

"Ok" Star awnsered and dressed up quickly. They went to the huge dining room for breakfast and then all the girls walked to their school. There weren't any boys at that care home.

It was a short walk but for the girls, who had barely eaten breakfast, it was the longest walk ever. They finally arrived to the school, a huge old building that looked like it could fall down any moment. But well, the care home's budget had never been large.They walked in as a group and a woman who looked like the headmistress welcomed them and assigned some kids to take them to the classrooms. A boy walked Star to her classroom. He was staring at Star, at Star's left hand to be prescise.

"What are you looking at?" Star asked him

"Nothing, just that tatoo" the boy awnsered

"It´s not a tatoo, it's a birthmark"

"Really? I had never seen such a perfect birthmark. It looks just like a star"

"I know. I was called after that birthmark. I'm Star by the way, and you?"


Then they walked to class in an awkward silence and didn´t talk for the rest of the day. The next mornig he was talking to another girl, and Star felt a bit jealous. Another boy sat by her

"I'm Jake, you?"


"Nice name"


"You're new right?"


"Oh. I was thinking you might want to go to a party this friday at my place"

"Sure, I´d love to"

"Good. I'll talk to you tomorrow"




That friday night, Summer helped Star with her makeup and clothes.

"You look gorgeus" Summer said


"Well now comes the hard part. Sneakig out. As you sleep on the bottom bunk it will be easier to see you aren't there so we have to be creative"


They stuffed Star's bed with clothes, a teddy bear was her head, a sleeping mask, a hat that was black like Star´s short hair. Finally they covered it with blankets and Star left through the window.

"Bye and don't come back too wasted" Summer said as she left

"I won't" Star promissed

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