Be True to Me.

Claire Malone has been tormented by Niall Horan ever since her best friend left Claire her flat to watch over it while she was at school. Claire has dealt with Niall long enough and decides to take a stand. But when Claire takes a stand Niall decides to pour out his heart. WHAT!?! And to make things worse, the media already consider Claire, Niall's girlfriend! Great. Can things get any worse for her?


7. Not enough. Never enough.


Chapter 7
Not enough. Never enough.

Claire's POV

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Niall was leaping on top of me.

"Fuck off!" I growled, sandwiching my head between two pillows.

"Come on....please?"

I ignored him, and continued sleeping.


. . .

"Red, orange, yellow and green followed by blue. Indigo and violent that's the rainbow song for you!"

I sucked my teeth and sat up, stretching my arms out.

"Yay!" He kissed my cheek, making me blush.

"So, erm, I-I wanted to tell you something." He stuttered.

"What is it?" I tilted my head, rubbing my eyes and yawning.

"I start my USA Summer week starting Monday."

I almost choked on my own spit.

"What!? That's in 3 days!" I cried.

See, shit like this is what puts me in a bad mood throughout the whole day.

"Its...2 months. But, I wanted to ask if you would like to come with me..." He grabbed my hand and smiled.

"Really?" I squeaked, grinning. My mood instantly shifting.

"I don't think I want you to be cooped up in your apartment while I'm traveling the world. Plus, ill miss you way too much."

"Yes, Yes, Yes!" I threw my arms around Niall and hugged him.
"I love you."

* * *

"Look, Niall. I'm going to do the shopping, okay? I don't want you overloading on food." I assured Niall.

"Awww..." Niall whined, adjusting his superman SnapBack.

He had a problem with food. I mean like a serious problem. If you sent him food shopping he'd probably buy the whole store.

As we walked into the store a certain magazine caught my eye.

"Hold up.."

I walked over to grab it.

'Our favorite Irishmen parties hard! What about Jessica!?'
It showed a picture of Niall making out with a blonde and in the background I was kissing a brunette...I know that auburn hair from anywhere.

Oh shit.

I grabbed the magazine and walked over to Niall, waving the magazine in his face. "I really hope this is photoshopped"

"Oh crap, that's hot." He muttered, gazing at the magazine cover.

"Shut up Niall! This is serious!!!" I grabbed a shopping cart and threw the magazine inside.

"Okay, Okay." He chuckled. "Well...let's just see what happens. It's gonna blow off."

I rolled my eyes. "So what's on the shopping list?"

* * *

I yawned, as I surfed through my twitter feed, gently petting Mia's furry head. She was fast asleep on my lap.

@NiallOfficial: Magazine pics are fake plz don't be fooled.

@NiallOfficial: @ClaireMal is indeed my girlfriend :) x #MyClaireBear

@zaynmalik: aww @NiallOfficial's got a girlfriend. :D xx

I smiled but then frowned as Niall's vicious fans came to mind.

Almost instantly I went straight to my twitter mentions.

@ShawttieeFinee: Pleaseee. Niall can do better. @ClaireMal is skanky. RATCHEEETT.

Hmm, looks like she has a problem with her e's.

@NiallersBabe: Im not trying to be mean or anything but @ClaireMal isn't Niall worthy. Plus she's a ginger, gingers have no souls. But if you're happy @NiallOfficial I'm happy babe xx

I rolled my eyes and scrolled to read the next mention. She's so fucking ignorant.

@ItalianBlondie: @NiallOfficial OMG @ClaireMal is your girlfriend? UGH. I'm crying right now! FML. I'm going to kill myself. FUCK YOU CLAIREE!!

I laughed at that one.
Like, you're joking right now right?

@CourtCourt: @ClaireMal oh my god! I'm so happy for you! So sorry I haven't called but school's been so busy! Ily girl!


I beamed and quickly replied to her tweet.

@CourtCourt I miss you love. Come visit me, it gets lonely in your flat. xx

I attached a picture of me pouting and sent it returning back to my mentions.

@1DUpdates: Niall dating red head? @ClaireMal, she looks a bit slutty-ish to me. #JMO

The majority of the mentions were threats, mean comments and girls saying how sad they were. Only 30% of the mentions were positive.

I remember what Niall told me earlier that day "Dont listen to what those girls say. They're jealous and insecure. Don't ever let them get to you."

And I wasn't. I was way more than that.

But something inside made me feel otherwise.

It made me feel like shit.



I didn't know why...

(A/N: Feedback is really appreciated! I hoped you enjoyed this chapter!
Looks like Claire's getting a bit of hate.
:( Leave your comments. Ily!

~ Peace Love and Nandos ~
Gracie <3)
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