Be True to Me.

Claire Malone has been tormented by Niall Horan ever since her best friend left Claire her flat to watch over it while she was at school. Claire has dealt with Niall long enough and decides to take a stand. But when Claire takes a stand Niall decides to pour out his heart. WHAT!?! And to make things worse, the media already consider Claire, Niall's girlfriend! Great. Can things get any worse for her?


14. Karaoke night!


Chapter 12
Karaoke night!

Claire's POV

"Amy fucking Greene!" I let out a little chuckle.

"Claire! Oh my gosh! It's been so long!" She squished me in her arms, her long brown hair tickling my face.

She smelled like....Niall, which was awkward cause he got his cologne custom made.


Why would she be wearing cologne anyway!?

"Hey! Where have you been? I haven't seen you since like forever!" I ran a hand through my fresh auburn, curled locks.

"High school isn't forever." She laughed, her green eyes gleaming in the sunlight. "Well basically I have been working on getting my degree in neuroscience. I'm living at Niall's flat now, i-"


That explains the scent.

"Niall!?" I stared at her confused. "Wait, Niall Horan?"

"Yeah, who else. He's absolutely amazing." Amy smiled looking down at her sterling silver shamrock necklace.

"You're dating him?" I narrowed my eyes at her in disbelief.

She nodded. "40 days! Isn't it great?"

"40 days..." I whispered, looking down.

Only 2 days after we broke up.
Ain't that just dandy?

"Well then, congrats on the relationship." Quickly I turned to walk away.

I started to pull out my phone to call Courtney, but I forgot we weren't friends.

"Claire wait!" Amy yelped.

I turned around, arching my eyebrow.

"Tonight, I'm having karaoke night at the club a few blocks away from here. I was wondering if you'd like to go, you know to catch up on things. It'll just be me and some of my other friends." She beamed cheerily.

"Uh...okay sure!" I said senselessly.

"Great! Do you still have the same phone number?" She pulled out her bejeweled iPhone.

"Yeah. Now I gotta go! I'll see you tonight. Bye Ames." I gave her a small wave before turning around starting towards Zayn's again.

"Bye!" She called out from behind me.

Well this ought to be good.

* * *

"Wait I think it's that building, wait no that one." I stared confused out the passengers window in Zayn's dark blue Mercedes Benz.

"Uh, I think it's the building that the music's coming from." Zayn smirked.

"Oh, duh!" I face palmed myself and opened the car door, stepping out.

I had on the same outfit I was wearing earlier. A light blue lace crop top, grey denim cut off shorts, light green low top converse and an assortment of bracelets.

I slammed the door shut as Zayn climbed out his side.

"Well then, lets get this show on the road." I sighed, as I approached the door to the club.

"Let me get that." Zayn reached from behind me and pushed open the door. The scent of him showering over me.

I stepped inside the club and their stood Amy and Niall looking madly in love with each other, and Louis, Harry and Liam. The others were strangers to me.

I thought she said just her and a few friends...

Then Amy looked up from Niall's embrace, her face lit up when she saw me.

"Claire! Hey!" She gestured me to come towards her.

Reluctantly, I did. I shifted uncomfortably trying my best to ignore Niall.

This was the first time I saw him since we split other than on television and I promised myself I would try my best to keep my distance.

Now look where I ended up.

"I'm so glad you could make it!" She threw her arms around me, squeezing relatively tight.

I tried my best to smile. I could feel Niall's gaze on me.

"So, are you going to sing first?" She asked, letting go.

"U-um..." I stuttered, turning to look at Zayn.

He nodded, crossing his arms.

"Sure!" I blurted, soon regretting what I just said.

"Great! Get up there!!!" Amy scooted me towards the stage.

I stepped onto it, squinting at the spotlights.

"Good evening! What song are you going to be singing today?" The DJ asked, wearing a cheesy smile.

"Uh, Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran." I decided.

Niall's favorite song he managed to push onto me. Well it worked, I love it.

"Okay, go ahead!" The DJ replied.

The music began playing, and nervousness instantly fell over me.

I took a few deep breaths and began, shutting my eyes.

"Give me love, like her
Cause lately I've been waking up alone
Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt
Told you I'd let them go..."

Niall's POV

I forgot how beautiful Claire's voice was. Not to mention she happened to be singing my favorite song.

This made me miss her even more.

"And as I fight my corner
Maybe tonight ill call ya
After my blood is drowning in alcohol
No, I just want to hold you..." She sang gorgeously.

This song described everything I was feeling now.


"She's awesome." Amy said, in awe from next to me.

"She is, isn't she? She's amazing."

Fucking amazing.
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