Be True to Me.

Claire Malone has been tormented by Niall Horan ever since her best friend left Claire her flat to watch over it while she was at school. Claire has dealt with Niall long enough and decides to take a stand. But when Claire takes a stand Niall decides to pour out his heart. WHAT!?! And to make things worse, the media already consider Claire, Niall's girlfriend! Great. Can things get any worse for her?


2. Fun. Fun. Fun.


Chapter 2
Fun. Fun. Fun.

Claire's POV

I stared straight ahead as we drove silently to where ever Niall was taking me. I peered around his car suspiciously, searching for clues that might help me figure out where he was planning to go.
He looked over at me, tapping the steering wheel.
"What?" I uttered, noticing him looking at me.
"Nothing." He smiled.
I quickly turned to look out the window not wanting him to see me blushing.
I leaned against the car seat, letting my eyes close and sleep cast over me.

* * *

"Claire, Claire!" Niall called my name, poking my cheek.
"Huh, what?" My eyes fluttered open. I turned and looked out the window. I saw dozens of cars and huge roller coasters.
"Niall, NO!" I shouted.
"You know I hate roller coasters or amusement parks in general!"
"I know." He smirked.
"God, I fucking hate you right now." I squeaked.
"Don't worry, it's not that bad as they look. It's fun okay? I promise." He said sympathetically, climbing out the car.
I gulped, unfastening my seat belt.
Niall opened the door for me and I slipped out, careful not to get my turquoise converse too dirtied.
"So Claire Bear, are you ready for 90 ft of awesomeness?" He grinned, nudging me in my rib.
"I hate you." I hissed.
Suddenly, a group of paparazzi crowded around us.
"Niall who's your new friend?"
"Niall, is that your new girl friend!?"
"Niall tell us about your new girl!"
"What's her name!"
I grunted in disgust. Niall grabbed my hand, pulling me closer to him.
"Yes, this is Jessica! She's my new girlfriend."
I almost choked. WHAT!? I looked at Niall in shock.
I tried to pull my hand away but he was squeezing too tight. Each time I pulled, he squeezed tighter.
"Niall, let go! You're hurting me!" I almost yelled.
Good thing the paparazzi had left because that wouldn't have been a good look for him.
Niall let go of my hand and looked at me. His blue orbs staring into my mine. I could feel my cheeks tingling. He leaned in, stepping closer to me. I quickly looked away, shuffling over awkwardly.
"Err...I'm sorry." He muttered.
We entered the amusement park ticket center and as soon as we did, we were crowded by teen girls, fangirling.
"Can I have your autograph!?"
"Where's Harry!?"
"OMG Niall is that your new girl friend?!"
"She's so pretty!"
I blushed and smiled at the girls. One girl asked for my autograph and I signed her cheek feeling like a bit less of a nobody.
Finally, the girls began disappearing.
"Niall?" I mumbled
"Yep?" He replied smiling, as we waited on line to get into the park.
"Why did you tell the paparazzi I was your girlfriend and why did you try to kiss me?" I replied, crossing my arms.

Niall's POV

I looked at Claire, searching for an answer.
"Publicity." I lied.
"So you're using me as a publicity stunt?" She scoffed.
"It'll make both of us look better!" I exclaimed.
"You know what Niall, you're a dick!" She turned and stormed off.
"Claire! Wait!" I ran after her.
"Take me home! I want to go home!" She grumbled.
"No!" I spat.
"What?" She turned around and looked at me grimly.
"I'm not taking you home until you get on one ride of my choice." I grinned.
"Everything's a game with you Horan." She sucked her teeth and returned to her place in line with me.
"I always win Miss Malone."

* * *

"How about the Goliath?" I said excitedly.
"Thats huge!" She exclaimed.
"So, you said one ride of my choice. I wanna ride the Goliath." I chuckled mischievously.
"GAHHH!" She yelped. I could see the fear in her eyes as he approached the line to the ride.
"Don't worry, I promise it'll be fun." I said putting my arm around her. She shook it off and crossed her arms.
"Meanie." She remarked.
We got closer and closer to the front of the line until we were finally did. I climbed into the roller coaster car and held my hand out to Claire. "C'mon."
Reluctantly, she got in. She looked so frightened. She grabbed my hand, turning to look at me. "I'm so scared." She said so faintly it was almost a whisper.
"It's okay, I'm here." I blushed. My heart was beating so fast I was pretty sure Claire could hear it.
The ride started and I could feel Claire tense up.
"No. No. No. Get me off!" She tugged on the shoulder things that keep you secured during the ride.
"Claire it's okay."
We were soon to the top. I could see Claire getting more nervous than ever. Tears rolled down her cheek.
"Gee Claire I'm sor-"
We started going down. A fit of screams emerged from the roller coaster. I looked over at Claire and to my surprise she was laughing. I smiled and began to laugh to.
"See, I knew you'd like it!" I shouted over to Claire who was now giggling uncontrollably.
"Thank You!" She replied in a way that made my heart melt.
I wanted to tell her that I loved her. I wanted to let her know how I really felt about her. I wanted her to know that I thought she was the one.
But of course, nothing's that easy.
I just wish it were...
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