Be True to Me.

Claire Malone has been tormented by Niall Horan ever since her best friend left Claire her flat to watch over it while she was at school. Claire has dealt with Niall long enough and decides to take a stand. But when Claire takes a stand Niall decides to pour out his heart. WHAT!?! And to make things worse, the media already consider Claire, Niall's girlfriend! Great. Can things get any worse for her?


1. Emotions.



Chapter 1 Emotions.




Claire's POV


 I spritzed the last bit of my Chanel No. 5 perfume on my neck as I readied myself for another night out. Another night out. These last few days have been the same routine. Sleep, alcohol, party. I admit, I was going crazy but I had an excuse I suppose. My best friend had gone away to finish school, leaving me in her flat bored an lonely. I was just an uneducated failure. I slipped into my cherry red heels and grabbed my purse. Rushing out the door, I tripped falling over and breaking a heel. "Shit" I mumbled, rubbing my ankle. "You seem to be having quite a good time there" I turned around to see Niall, my temporary neighbor hovering over me. I stood up, blushing madly as I was pretty sure my underwear were being exposed in this extremely fucking tight dress. "Why hello Niall!" I said awkwardly balancing myself on one heel. "Hey Claire, need some help?" He said sarcastically, grinning. I shook my head, frowning. "Are you sure? I mean-" He eyed me up and down and broke out in laughter. "Go fuck yourself Horan." I said meekly. "Alright, alright I joke. But seriously, is there any reason why you look like a prostitute?" He arched an eyebrow holding back a fit of chuckles. "Seriously Niall, fuck off." I rolled my eyes and opened the door to my flat, hopping in and slamming the door behind me. God I hated him. Everything about him. His stupid crooked smile. His stupid baby blue eyes. Most importantly I hated what he did to me. He knew how to get me pissed. Well, anyone could get me pissed but he knew every button to push. Every way to go. He could make me cry within seconds if he wanted to. He had full control of my emotions and I hated it. I hated that he knew me so well. I threw my purse on the kitchen table and kicked off my heels. I crouched down against the front door and closed my eyes as I let my thoughts flow. Just then a knock emerged from the door, startling me. "Go away!" I shouted. "C'mon! Let me in..." Niall uttered. "No." I replied stubbornly. There was silence, then he began singing the rainbow song. "Red, orange, yellow and green followed by blue. Indigo and violent, that's the rainbow song for you!" I smiled, tugging on a handful of my auburn red hair. "Fine..." I said, standing up. I unlocked the door, slowly dragging it open. "Thanks." He shuffled in. "I'm sorry." "You're always sorry." I closed the door behind him. "Just stop it. I know you're never really sorry. "But I am..." He sighed, his sad blue eyes glinting in the light . "Then why do you keep doing this. Why do you keep making me feel like shit? You sing about girls needing to know they're beautiful and girls needing to know they're perfect they way they are when you torment me EVERYDAY. I know I'm a failure, I know I'm crap. I don't need another person teasing me about it every fucking day." I ranted. Niall just stared at me. He opened his mouth to say something but closed it back. We just stared at each other in silence. I wanted to speak but the words just tingled in my mouth. "I'm sorry." He mumbled opening the front door and hobbling out. I stared at the door, in shock of what I just said. "Fuck." I mumbled.


Niall's POV


 I couched down in the hallway as I thought about what Claire said. Had I really made her feel that bad? Not that I didn't know what I was doing cause I did. It's just that, I never really thought about how she felt. She made me feel...I can't even describe how she made me feel. How she tugged on her hair when she smiled. How her eyes twinkled when she was excited. How she leaned in when she laughed. God I hated it when she did that. It made me go nuts. I needed to show her that I was sorry. After all, actions speak louder than words. Don't they?


* * *


Claire's POV


I yawned as I watched re-runs of Dr. Oz, popping orange tic-tacs and laying on my couch like a hobo on a park bench. Today was Sunday, my free day. Even Niall knows not to bother me today. It'll be a shame if he did cause on Sunday I'm also a major bitch. "Claireeee open upppp!" I head a familiar voice call from my door. Ughhh. Of Course. I stood up from the couch and stomped over to the door, flinging it open. "What!?" I bellowed. Niall. Of course. He stepped back a bit, looking at me like I was crazy. "Good morning to you too." He said awkwardly. "What do you want?" I growled. "I wanna take you some where, put your clothes on!" He said perkily. "No." I decided. "But...I-" "No." "Come o-" "No." "Red, orange, yellow and green followed be blue. In-" "Fine." I smiled tugging a lock of my hair. He beamed, exposing his teeth which had braces on them making him even cuter than usual. God I hated when he smiled. It made me go nuts. I slammed the door in his face and rushed to the bathroom to get ready. Now if I only knew what he was up to...

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