Be True to Me.

Claire Malone has been tormented by Niall Horan ever since her best friend left Claire her flat to watch over it while she was at school. Claire has dealt with Niall long enough and decides to take a stand. But when Claire takes a stand Niall decides to pour out his heart. WHAT!?! And to make things worse, the media already consider Claire, Niall's girlfriend! Great. Can things get any worse for her?


11. ***Author's Note***

I'm very against doing this but I felt I had to >.~ I am suffering from a very, very serious case of writers block. I've been feeling so dumb and illiterate these last few days you'd probably cry. Anywho, I need your help. Yup. IDEAS. I need ideas! So I decided to do this. CONTEST! Who ever sends me the best idea of what should happen in the next chapter will have a character of their choice (Their own character, a different celeb, ect) featured in the book for the remaining of the series. Email your ideas with your name and the name and description of the character you'd like in the series. Send them at! Thank you guys ^.^ Ily. ~ Peace Love and Nandos ~ Gracie <3

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