i wont give up

liam payne and rylee jones have been best friends since they were kids.
rylee moved to america when liam had tried out for the xfactor the first time.
they always had feelings for each other and kept it secret,after not seeing each other for 4 years they finally meet again.will they still love each other?will they date? you have to read to find out


7. the interview that ruined it all

liams POV we were at a interview with rylee and everyone was keepin a close eye on me because they really believe im going to hurt myself. 

"so raise your hand if your single"the interviewer said and my hand went up...mine was the only one

"so niall has a secret girlfriend?"the interviewer asked when nialls hand stayed down "its not a secret one believe me..."i said and everyone looked at me "liam why are you so jealous of me and rylee?"niall asked 
"im not"i replied "yes you are liam"harry agreed "fine you wanna no why? because ive known and loved rylee since we were kids and you stole her from me! you got the girl of my dreams!"i said and walked out of the interview.i ran home and went in the kitchen "fuck this shit my life sucks i dont need to fucking live!"i said talking to myself.i got a knife and walked into my room without thinking i stabbed myself in the wrist with the knife and it went right threw a vein cutting it in half.i pulled the knife out of my arm and fell to the floor crying.god this hurts.

rylees POV after the interview we went home and figured we should talk to liam.louis went in liams room and screamed "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!"louis screamed."what?!"we asked "liam-stabbed himself..."louis said.i ran into the room and fell on the floor next to liam "liam..."i said...no answer .i put my head over his chest and checked to see if his heart was beating. "his hearts beating...but its really faint"i said crying."his breathings not good either and hes loosing to much blood"i said and picked up his wrist "he cut threw a vein in his wrist...."i said tears streaming down my face.liams skin was turning pale "liam...dont go"i said and collapsed on the floor crying.louis zayn and harry picked liam up and carried him to the car so we could bring him to the hospital.We brought him to the hospital  and they brought him into a room niall pulled me aside "rylee i love you but...liam wouldnt of done this if we wernt dating,he loves you"he said "niall are you breaking up with me?"i asked "im sorry..."he said.i looked threw the window of the door that leads to liams room, they had to give him stiches in his wrist and had to do a minor surgery to fix the vein that he sliced in half.when they were done i went over to liams bed waiting for him to wake up.the doctors said he could be asleep for days even weeks since his week kidneys and major loss of blood sent him into a coma ....poor liam 

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