i wont give up

liam payne and rylee jones have been best friends since they were kids.
rylee moved to america when liam had tried out for the xfactor the first time.
they always had feelings for each other and kept it secret,after not seeing each other for 4 years they finally meet again.will they still love each other?will they date? you have to read to find out


4. The flat

rylees POV me and Liam walked to the flat alone just the to of us.when we got to the flat liam showed me his room "aww you still have that woody doll"I said in awe "omg...you saved the picture of us when we were kids"I said "yeah"he said. "Liam that's so sweet"I said and walked over to him and hugged him,he hugged me tighter "I missed you so much Ry"he said I could tell there were tears rolling down his face as he burried his head in my neck.i kissed him on the cheek and wiped the tears from his face

Liam's POV I can't believe I started crying..do I really miss her that much? I stared into her eyes and wanted to smash my lips agenst hers so bad but I no she loves niall...,I noticed a tattoo on her arm it said Liam...she had my named tattooed onto her arm? "You got my named tattooed onto your ar-"I said before she cut me off by pressing her lips agenst mine she pushed me agenst the wall and continued to snog me "rylee..."I said when she took her lips away from mine.i had a confused look on my face "sorry.."she said and looked at the ground "hey I never said I didn't like it"I said and kissed her .we were in the middle of a make out session when Louis walked into the room "whoa!"he shouted and we pulled apart "Louis!"she screamed "so you guys a couple?"he asked "no!"she replied "I like Niall not liam"she said and walked out of the room "I-"is all I could say "I no you like her Liam"Louis says "but she likes niall and he likes her"I sighed...
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