i wont give up

liam payne and rylee jones have been best friends since they were kids.
rylee moved to america when liam had tried out for the xfactor the first time.
they always had feelings for each other and kept it secret,after not seeing each other for 4 years they finally meet again.will they still love each other?will they date? you have to read to find out


6. That night...

*week later*
Rylees POV Liam's been acting weird for the past week,a bit depressed for some reason.well last night me and Niall did something..naughty.you can probably guess what it was.i went into the livingroom and Liam and Louis were their.they've been hanging out a lot lately and truthly If louis wasn't dating Eleanor I'd think their gay .i sat down next to Liam on the couch, "hey ry"Louis said "hey"I replied still in a bit of pain from last night, "best night ever!!!!"Niall shouted walking in.louis and Liam it lilo as I like to call them,gave niall a confused look "oh I'm not a Virgin anymore"niall said.

Liam's POV what the hell did he just say?! He fucked Rylee?!!!! I wanna rip his head off now!, I gave niall a 'you fucking jerk' look and went in my room

Rylees POV "Liam?"I said as I walked into his room "go away"he said,"well somebody's in a bad mood"I said "you would be to if your best friend fucked your other best friend"he mumbled "Liam it's none of your business for one thing,and nialls my boyfriend so he can fuck me all he wants"I replied "just get out of my room!!"Liam shouted and hit his head agenst the wall "Liam!!"I shouted "I said get the fuck out of my room"he mumbled hitting his head again this time making it bleed a little . I ran out of the room in tears you okay babe?"Niall asked concerned "I'm worried about Liam.."I replied "why?"Niall asked confused "I think he's gonna kill himself..."I replied "what?!" Niall shouted "he keeps hitting his head agenst the wall"I replied...

*authors note* wow so Liam's not liking this relationship between Rylee and niall huh? Well I have a feeling the next chapters gonna include some blood...stay tuned folks XD
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